týždenný horoskop Leo, horoskop na tento týždeň Leo

Weekly Horoscope Leo

(08/02/2021 - 08/08/2021)

During this week, planet Mars will have a positive impact on your sign, so you can start understanding your own desires. Under the rule of Mars you will be able to look into yourself. So you should definitely use this week to get to know yourself, meditate and relax. If you focus on your inner self, this week you can gain knowledge of your real desires which will bring you to greater happiness and balance.

Love: Your love life turn into trial during this period to test your love. Do not give up without a fight, because love is not a commonplace that everyone experiences. Accept the feedback of your partner. If you are without a partner, start doing sports. The sport will bring not only energy to your life, but you will also meet someone interesting.

Health: Be active. Finally, start with physical activity and follow the drinking routine and exercise schedule.

Work & Money: An unexpected win is waiting for you. Remember to relax more and forget about work problems more often. Even a prolonged weekend will help.

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Weekly Horoscope Leo