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Leo Sign, Leo Traits of personality

Birthday: 23 July - 22 August

Planet: The ruling planet of the Leo sign is the Sun.

Element: For the Leo zodiac sign, fire is the ruling element.

Nature: The main character of the sign is choleric nature.

Strengths: Leo zodiac sign is an energetic sign. They are a real optimist and good looking. It is a confident sign that has a robust and enjoyable nature. They are a friendly person who naturally gains authority in people. For the people of Leo, there is a strong love for people and a tendency to protect and help the people around them.

Weaknesses: But this sign is incredibly self-defeating. They love watching themself in the mirror and admiring their strengths. They are proud and lack a lot of arrogance. They say the Leo is vain and desires excellent power. This power is enough for them to be able to go to this power anywhere.

Body: Leos have a high figure with a very developed upper body that supports the broad and firm back. Leo sign is very proud of their body, and at a later age may be prone to weight gain and obesity. The sign has big eyes with a very distinctive specific chin. Their eyebrows are full and dominate the face.

Lucky Day: The lucky day of Leo is Sunday. Sunday is a good day to relax. Leo should have active rest during the Sunday, which will prepare him for the next week. Sunday provides strength and energy for Leo zodiac sign.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of Leo is Tuesday. On this day, Leo should learn and relax. They should go crucial decisions for another day.

Birthstone: To please Leo you should donate him a jewel containing a fiery ruby ​​or diamond. Their fearlessness is highlighted by a beautiful ruby ​​that highlights their character. The diamond underlines strong perseverance and brightens their life.

Health: Leo is the most sensitive in health to the heart-related issues. Leo can have trouble with thrombosis as well. This sign is also prone to severe colds that can grow into a high fever. These can become very dangerous for Leo man and Leo woman and weaken their immune system. Consequently, it is susceptible to inflammatory diseases and chronic diseases that are associated with impaired immunity. Leo should eat alternately with a great deal of focus on the vitamins and minerals that stimulate their immune system.

Color: Leo zodiac sign encourages mainly the golden color that embodies their ruling sun. This color should surround the Leos during disease overcoming. The yellow color helps him overcome the inflammatory disease and has a beneficial effect on the soul of Leo. Leo woman or Leo man should be surrounded mainly by golden shades, orange color, or significantly yellow. On the walls where they work, they should paint a beautiful orange tint that will help Leo to concentrate.

Where to Travel: Romania, the Czech Republic, and Italy should choose to travel.

Lucky numbers: The lucky numbers of Leo sign are 3, 19, 1, 49.

Main Leo Traits - Leo sign in short

Leo sign is controlled the element of fire. It thus belongs to the sign of the Sagittarius, which is also under the influence of hot and glowing fire. The ruling element of the Leo creates heat in its heart that is specific to Leo sign. The mind of the Leo zodiac sign is truly exceptional, he can solve even the most difficult life problems and questions that come to his life or work. Leo sign overflows with initiative and is not afraid of any tasks. He often set tasks on his shoulders, which others avoid by detour. He enjoys solving complicated tasks. Leos worship the power of the sun and, under its guidance and influence, they seek their inner selves. The energy that radiates from the sun directly to the Leo pushes him into new realms. Leos are constantly looking for self-improvement and need to elevate their personality above others in their environment. They are very straightforward and ask anyone for anything, without shame. However, they often bring their desires and needs to the forefront, and therefore it may happen that they put the needs of other people in the background. They pursue personal recognition and profit. Leo sign constantly longs for gaining high personal status. He wants to belong somewhere and he wants his name to be known, preferably all over the world. He likes to be surrounded with people who help him on the path to his personal success. It is a sign of kindness that tends to be trustworthy. That is why it can often become the target of calculated people who want to rely on its success.

Leo sign is truly faithful, generous and strongly worships the values of friendship. He wants to help others and is happy to give his advice if his friend needs it. It is a strong and reliable sign, which likes to organize various parties and is a great host. Friendship is extremely important for this sign, and Leos are seldom alone. They rely on friends to help them when they have any problem. Since they are great hosts, they have no problem with making new friends. However, not everyone suits them and they often choose for a long time before they actually allow someone to enter their lives. Their energetic nature is pursued only by those real friends whose sign of the Leo honestly chooses.

The Leos want to share with their success. And even if it does not belong directly to them. You can often find Leo sign found in the forefront of major projects that are known around the world. Sometimes it's not even obvious that it's not him who invented the whole project. The Leo likes to ride on the success of others and can often use dishonest practices to gain a dream job. Gaining a coveted place is often a higher priority for him than maintaining a friendship. This desire for a certain power, or rather for social status, frees the Leo from real values. At later age, a Leo passionate about admiration and career growth gets to the point where he is willing to give up everything and devote himself to his spirituality. He burns down easily at work, just when he was willing to sacrifice friendships or good relationships on his way to success.

He is the one he will devour the most during his career. He likes to use dishonest practices, but he can't get over the guilt even over time. They will justify their procedure with the mistakes of those they have moved to another track. Even if they know that the mistakes mentioned are only their invention and an excuse for their actions. It often happens that only direct apology to a person who has been harmed by their release from the carousel of self-blame and a deteriorating psyche. Leo sign should therefore act honestly on the way to the desired position, in order to avoid the long-lasting mental discomfort that would affect them.

In their lives, Leos pay attention to a gentle and orderly appearance. At first, this sign is uncertain, but over time and with gained experience, he becomes authoritative and appears more confident. They are encouraged by praise and admiration. It is a vulnerable sign, but it causes most problems on its own. People take the Leo zodiac sign as a non-conflicting type, that is, unless they meet him on the path to his career growth. However, Leo sign is relatively easy to get on your side. They love flattery, openness and order. On the way to their career growth, they forget about taking care of themselves and building family life. Therefore, paradoxically, it happens that this sign does not have time to start a family.

The sign is extremely family-based and he wants it to be the mainstay of the family. He tends to protect the family at all costs. He is proud of his past, of his ancestors and tries to make his family have a good reputation among neighbors, family, but also among people who hardly know them. He drives his family to behave perfectly towards the environment and tries to evoke a kind of picture of family idyll and perfection. He is extremely proud of his origins and can often tell you exactly where his ancestors came from.

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Leo zodiac sign - Man, Woman and Best Job for them

The energetic sign of the Leo zodiac sign always wants to be busy. At work, it requires to be fully occupied. He avoids a work environment where he would be bored. Leo wants to show his ambitious side and wants to move forward at work. The Leo sign is a creative sign that devotes itself to its work with the greatest possible precision. He prefers quality over quantity at work. He wants to get into a position where he will be his own boss. He needs work that allows him to express himself, to show his artistic inclinations and creativity. He wants to bring his own ideas, beliefs and visions to work.

Leo zodiac sign, suitable place is in politics, manager positions, management of economic departments and all areas where the Leo will show his manager skills. A Leo zodiac sign feels best if he really helps someone. Therefore, he is a suitable candidate for a profession as a doctor, nurse, social worker or lawyer. He knows only a little about technical skills and should therefore be kept away from jobs that require technical skills. Leo zodiac sign is not exactly the most creative programmer or computer scientist.

They are quite irresponsible about money. Leo sign is aware that he can easily get money. What he earns and he gets for more money is never enough for him. He often does not look at his health or other needs, he simply pursues financial independence. He is generous and financially willing to help anyone who needs it. In this way, he is also generous to his loved ones, friends or partner.

All about Leo Man

Leo man seeks real trust in his relationship. For him, an intimate life begins only when he feels real devotion to the woman who is fighting for him, or to the woman who is being sought by the Leo man. He needs to feel deep feelings for the woman and naturalness in the relationship. The Leo man is a real generous partner. Leo man gives you whatever gift you desire. It doesn't matter at what value you have chosen a gift. Leo man will do anything to have all the things you desire. Even if he has to spend all your property on you. If you are looking for a generous partner who will not count every penny, the Leo man is the right partner for you.

Leo man demands from his partner, or from a woman who is interested in him, to prove to him that he is the most exceptional creature for her. Leo man expects him to receive hundreds of thousands of compliments and that his wife will always be his support and friend. Leo man wants to be the king of their common kingdom, which he and his partner will build with effort and joy.

Leo man in Love

The Leo man is a romantic and passionate partner. He does not choose a woman who does not flatter him in appearance. He likes naturally acting women. He does not like the expressive makeup or expressive extravagant behavior of a woman. Leo man loves if his wife has a rich vocabulary and behaves decently and in society is a decoration to him. He needs his partner to be a feast for his eyes. She must be an exceptional woman who enchanted him not only with her beauty but also with her inner values. He is looking for a partner for life. Since the Leo man himself is more concerned with the work of his life, he needs a woman who will take care of the family fireplace. He is looking for a partner who likes to weld, who will take care of the children and especially the household. Leo man wants to be tidy at home and wants everything to be in its place. If you learn how to treat this man, he will never leave you.

The fire in a Leo's life is not just a sign of his zeal for work. Leo man will show you his ruling element even in love life. This sign in the male version is a fun and faithful lover. He will admire and love you. He will give you a long and passionate foreplay. Leo man is a proactive man who needs to show off. Which is a big plus, because he will want to show you only the best of him in sex. He wants to have a leading position not only at work but also in bed. Sometimes it can be tiring for your partner, but if you want to give yourself to a man who knows how to please and satisfy you, you will experience really hot and romantic moments with Leo. Leo man needs a partner who will allow him to express himself freely even in sexual life. The love life that a male Leo will offer you is a real adventure and the embodiment of hot energy.

All about Leo Woman

A female Leo has warmth in her heart. She has a strong desire to be loved. Her whole life revolves around work and her unquenchable desire to represent the most beloved person for someone. The Leo woman longs for someone to admire her and bring her the sky to her feet. She longs for a man who, from the outside, resembles a pillar that she can lean on. The female Leo longs for a tall and powerful male. She is often interested in men who have a higher social status. She is willing to wait several years for her love until she has the opportunity to establish a relationship with such a man. She is a persistent woman willing to pursue her goal and wait for a man if she is convinced that he is the right person for Leo woman.

Leo Woman in Love

The female Leo longs to be loved and needs her partner to support her in everything. Flattery is like a nutrient salt for her, which propels her forward. She longs to be admired and exhibited on the pedestal. Leo woman wants to be respected. However, she longs for a luxurious lifestyle and is willing to give up the desire for love in order to fulfill her material ideas. When it comes to money, it can happen that she marries a man only because of luxury and property. However, her well-known flame fades out in her heart.

The Leo woman should therefore focus her attention on real values and establish a partnership with the heart, not reason. The female Leo tends to overlook the male partner's interest in whom she is interested in. It often happens that she falls into a relationship with a married man, but he is in a good material and social position. However, Leo woman should focus on building a romantic kingdom where the center of her life will be a man who will give her values that are unrelated to the material world.

She will be the most satisfied if she combines her desire for love with a partner who is from a good family and finances are not a problem for him. In such a relationship, the female Leo will be truly happy all the time. However, she requires real generosity from her partner and for him to overlook how whimsically she spends his money. Leo woman simply requires royal treatment. Highlight her qualities. Take her to an expensive restaurant, to the theater, to the ballet. Give her a luxurious gift and she will be a great partner in your life.

The female Leo is initially sexually closed. This flower needs care before it shows you its true face. For her, intimacy is closely connected with love and the whole life. Leo woman needs an emotional connection in her life. Only then will sex life with a Leo woman be a real experience. If you get into her emotional core, the Leo woman will show you real sexual adventures. There is no difference between sex and love, and just as much as she loves you, she will provide you with sexual experiences. However, be patient, it pays to wait for a Leo-dominated sex.

Leo sign and their Health strength and common problems

The Leo has a strong body. But even in this sign, there are problems with the spine. If the Leo sign is not cautious enough, it can get a serious flu, which can be a very dangerous disease. Therefore, the Leo should not underestimate the visit of a specialist in any disease that is accompanied by fever. It is essential for a Leo to learn breathing exercises that will help him overcome tension in the work area. Yoga or Pilates is also suitable for this sign. Leo zodiac sign is prone to heart disease.

They are also prone to the skin diseases that are caused by stress. Women in Leo sign often suffer from acne or eczema. The Leo sign might fall into depression, because of fear about his future. As a result, he is prone to overeating and gaining weight. He should therefore eat sparingly and in a balanced way. Coconuts, lemons, figs, various seeds are suitable for Leo sign. They should exclude meat from their diet as much as possible. It is inappropriate for them to sweeten their drinks and honey should be a complete taboo for Leo sign. Blueberries, salmon and walnuts are very suitable for them.

Leo man & Leo woman and their way of Love

Give the Leo full confidence. Leo sign is based on physical as well as mental closeness. If you want to get a Leo man, get his attention with your character. Leo man loves beautiful women who have a groomed look. He loves nature and women who are full of charming jokes. If you want to get a woman in Leo sign, don't skimp on flattery. Leo sign loves praise and admiration. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Leo and discover more about love with Leo man.

If you just put Leo sign on a pedestal and give him the feeling that he is the best, he will no longer want to let you go. You will also enchant a woman in Leo sign zodiac sign by not trotting in the area of finance. Give her something beautiful that will reflect her uniqueness. Leo man will appreciate it when you are his friend and companion. Leo woman loves walking and talking about everything in the world. In order for Leo to feel safe with you, he needs you not to spare praise for his person. It will bring passion and romance to your life. The Leo sign has many admirers around, so it's time to show that you are the one or the best point of his attention.

Leo zodiac sign & Celebrities

Various successful and significant persons were born in this exceptional sign. The Leo sign belongs to the romantic symbols of the zodiac with the desire for luxury, financial security and with a robust feeling for love. Therefore, it is no wonder that there are so many prominent personalities among the Leos. Famous men who were born as Leo man are, for example, Daniel Radcliffe, born July 23, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Joe Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Matthew Perry, Mick Jagger, Paul Anka, Joe from friends - actor Matt LeBlanc or Patrick Swayze born 18.08. Significant women who are born under the sign of Leo woman include Madonna, Jeniffer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Whitney Huston, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock born July 26, Lisa Kudrow, Dua Lipa born August 22, or singer Christina Perri. These famous people underline the uniqueness and power of the personality that is Leo sign blessed.

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