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Air Element

The power of the air element lifts us high, from impracticality and materiality to higher values, which are the most important for the life of the Zodiac signs. The air in nature sustains fire, and the beginning, even sustaining life, is not possible without fire. Air is an element that means breathing, freedom, flying, stretching the wings.

Astrology advises 3 zodiac signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The astrologer presents air signs as the least restricted. Knowing the basic force of the air element that astrology assigns to you can set you free, and knowing the positive qualities helps you to identify more with your own energy and master it perfectly. According to astrology, air element is energetic and intellectual. However, the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are easily bored, and they need a certain dose of adrenaline to live. You spend a lot of time analyzing life, not only yours, but also the lives of others.

There are common zodiac signs, but also those that are not the same for all 3 zodiac signs. Of course, it depends on which air sign you were born in. According to this, the basic characteristics of your sun sign are different, but we'll talk about that later. The air signs of the zodiac are mostly creative people. They work not only in technical fields, but they also thrive in activities that require a greater dose of creativity - writer, teacher, journalist ...

Air signs of the zodiac also thrive in business, where they are often considered the best in their field. The air Zodiac signs should be surrounded for the rest of their lives by loved ones, even people who allow them to grow and move career. You need inspiration in your life for love, but also for work success. However, you are often a teacher of what a job should look like and you will also establish the right work discipline. Therefore, it is no exception to find the Zodiac sign in a leading position at work - especially when it comes to the Libra zodiac sign.

The zodiac signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra love the company of other people. They have the potential to lead others, but they'd benefit from some sort of inspiration or drive in order to rise to the top of their field. Some of the signs of the air Zodiac may be frigid in love, but those who are compatible with them are likely to provide a sense of deep understanding, security, and stability. Air and fire signs will understand each other in friendship, at work, but also in love. You can read more about the love compatibility of individual signs below, also of zodiac signs with air element.

The air element, according to astrology and the fortune-teller Sibyla, refers to a certain, breathtaking experience of life. It is difficult for the other elements to see the world as it is seen by the zodiac signs of Libra - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. If our friend or partner is a person born with the air element, we feel motivation, a lot of energy, and inspiration for our lives on his part.

When the exciting element is in balance, we can lead meaningful communication with others, we can perceive the world on a more extreme level, we realize the beauty of the little things that surround us. The air fills not only the hearts of its wearer with inspiration and curiosity, which is close to the Zodiac signs controlled by the air element. If we can work properly with the energy of the air, we can fully enjoy the flow of time in our lives.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Love of Air Zodiac Signs - - Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

How does love manifest itself in relationships or in the beginnings of a relationship in air zodiac signs, which are the signs of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius? In general, these signs are more variable due to the air than signs born with an element of earth, water, or fire. When they are interested in something, they give themselves everything to make it a part of their lives. Air zodiac signs are more adaptable and take things much easier than other signs. This also applies to love. They are convincing and have incredible energy and strength if they want something for themselves, if they want to achieve the interest of the object of their interest. Rise is an element of loyalty and therefore the 3 air Zodiac signs are extremely loyal in relationship, marriage and partner life…

As we have already mentioned Gemini, Aquarius and Libra zodiac signs often motivate others. Therefore, someone near them may feel weak, but other signs feel a tremendous amount of inspiration. It depends on how your air friend or partner manages their own element and how thoroughly they work with it. If the air is balanced, these signs can explain and work with every guilt, with every quarrel ...

If the air element is not sufficiently processed, there are more misunderstandings and the common communication in love or in relationships can be disrupted. The zodiac signs are not a problem to express their feelings and thoughts, provided they trust their partner. The downside in living with an air sign is the fact that all 3 zodiac signs are fleeting and far too talkative or willing to lend a helping hand to others. The air Zodiac sign does not mean that it shows another person more sympathy or help than it should be. They are people who want to help, advise everyone, and it is this fact that can evoke a sense of concern and jealousy in a partner of such zodiac sign.

The analytical side of the personality of the air sign is also manifested in relationships and love. Gemini is more changeable than other air signs. Gemini is flexible in love and wants to be heard. Libra is happy to have someone by their side to remind them how important they are. They want recognition. For the most part, they are diplomatic and very committed and gentle in their relationship. Aquarius also longs for love in his own space, which you should not forget to give him. Aquarius is most closed in conversations and expressing emotions in a relationship, of all 3 signs of the whole zodiac.

How To Balance Air elment?

In order for air element to be in balance, it is necessary to learn to work with it so that it brings joy to your life, not problems or worries. If you learn to work properly with your element, it is certain that you will feel an enormous amount of balance in life, and that your life will be in the right balance. There are several options that zodiac signs can use to properly balance the energy that is sometimes a nut for the signs themselves, not just their partners. Air is clearly an element that fills the Zodiac signs with curiosity, creativity and inspiration.

If signs do not have enough air element in their life, it is clear that the 3 Zodiac signs - Aquarius, Libra and Gemini feel misunderstood, and the self-confidence of these signs declines. A lack of element air in the sign's horoscope indicates a lack of motivation in both work and life. The ability to think clearly and sensibly may be impaired. However, an abundance of air can also be problematic, especially for those born under the air signs or whose astrological charts feature a disproportionately high number of planetary bodies associated with the air element.

These people, in turn, feel bound by the rules. You tend to deal with the lives of others more than your own. You have trouble forgiving yourself or others. Every step in your life has been with you for years and you can't easily forget. Fortunately, there are exercises to balance the air in your life and learn to live with your soul and with your body in perfect harmony.

So how do you properly balance the energy of an air element? Meditation and breathing exercises on a daily basis are suitable. Learn to work with your breath, which will guide you to the right thoughts. Learn daily meditation, which is the basis of your balanced self, daily. If you have children and you want to make not only yourself but also them happy, use your element transformed into the forces of nature - go kiting with the children. Enjoy the fresh air, its scent, strength, energy.

Enjoy the joy of children whose smile perfectly balances your energy. For several air signs, writing a diary to which you will reveal your worries and negative feelings is also a suitable option for balancing life energy. You should reduce caffeine in your life, especially if your air energy is excess. New skills, in turn, motivate those whose astrological chart suggests a lack of air in life - learn new things when you feel sad or a drop in self-confidence.

Sing out loud and read about what interests you. Some air signs balance their energy with a perfect connection with their element - for example, jumping from a parachute, riding a motorcycle, watching the huge waves at sea caused by the wind. There are many ways to keep the air in balance, but meditation and breathing exercises are the basis of your proper functioning.

For each of the 3 Zodiac signs, the air manifests itself differently. In the following lines, we will explain how the effect affects the individual Zodiac signs, as well as how love and emotions about these 3 sun signs are manifested.

Gemini Zodiac Sign (May 21st - June 20th)

The first air sign in the order is the zodiac sign Gemini, which is controlled by the air. Gemini is a male sign. From a general point of view, the zodiac sign Gemini is considered a very receptive sign that is adaptable, flexible and optimistic. On the other hand, it also has negative properties, which are more jealousy and impatience. For the zodiac sign of Gemini, it is extremely important to learn to perfectly balance the air element, and thus prevent the negative properties of this sign to control life. Especially if you ask with great jealousy or instability in your feelings. It is very important for Gemini to be depersonalized from superficiality and also from self-deception. Gemini must learn to work with finances in their lives, as well as helping you know how to identify with the air element and how to work with it.

Male signs, including Gemini, tend to make decisions and determine the direction of others' lives. Gemini is a moving Zodiac sign, which includes Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini. Thanks to the moving element in life, Gemini has a rich inner life, and is able to adapt. The easiest way for Gemini to balance the air element in life is to focus on the practical things that help them to fulfill their life journey and life goal. It is appropriate for Gemini to engage in physical activity that supports not only the health of the physical body but also the psyche of the Gemini.

The changing nature of the Gemini air sign, which is constantly changing during life, is also reflected in love and relationships. Gemini is a Zodiac sign, which is open and constantly wants to discuss the problems, but also the solutions in your relationship. Gemini wants to be heard, and they love long, meaningful conversations with their partner or loved ones. The highest compatibility in love is achieved by the zodiac sign Gemini, with the air sign Aquarius, with the fiery sign Sagittarius and also with the sign of Leo, and with other Gemini.

With these Zodiac signs, you understand each other not only in communication, but also in common views about the future, and you trust the Sagittarius to a large extent, and therefore do not care about jealousy in this relationship. The Zodiac sign Gemini with the water sign of Pisces feels the least compatibility in love, but you can use communication for the prosperity of your relationship.

You also achieve less compatibility with the sign of Capricorn, Scorpio and with the water sign zodiac Cancer. in these connections in love, in friendly relations, or in the beginning relations of the sign of Gemini with incompatible Zodiac signs, the problem can be not only distrust and jealousy, but also problems in communication and common views on the future, or the most important life issues.

Zodiac Sign of Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

The ruling element of the Zodiac sign Libra is air, and their ruling planet is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and happiness - the planet Venus. Libra is one of the cardinal Zodiac signs, and thus ranks the sign of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. These Zodiac signs are united by ambition, desire to exercise, initiative. Libra is a charming and magnetic Zodiac sign, which is sociable but more selective than Gemini. They choose their company and like to spend time with those who are closest to them. The family is extremely important to Libra, and they keep it for life. Libra is the only air sign controlled by the planet of beauty and love - Venus, which adds joy and happiness to Libra's life.

Libra is considered an extremely diplomatic Zodiac sign, which knows the social boundaries and mostly adheres to them. Lack, but also an excess of air energy in their lives, can cause fluctuations in how Libra sees its social side. Excess air can also turn Libra into an introvert who fully focuses only on those closest to whom he is sometimes dependent. Here, too, it shows how important it is to learn how to balance one's own, life element. Libra is often unable to decide if they have several favorable options to choose from.

They hesitate for a long time because they calculate with all the options that would follow their decision. Libras are considered indecisive, but are rather overly analytical and cautious in their decisions. However, not because of themselves, but because of how their decisions would affect the lives of the people who care about Libra. This zodiac sign is gifted, creative and extremely hardworking.

In love, you can expect great loyalty and devotion from Libra. Although in the beginning the Libra have to overcome many problems in their decisions and fears, later the Libra becomes a devoted partner who reveals to you his whole soul and his whole heart. Although at first the passion in the relationship is much stronger than later, it is not due to declining interest, but rather other priorities, because as the relationship progresses, you represent a friend, partner, life partner for your partner born in the zodiac sign Libra.

It is important to keep the fire of passion at Libra, so some signs are more appropriate for others, others less so. Partners that balance your air energy are especially suitable for you. You achieve high compatibility in love with the Gemini sign, and also with the Leo sign. You understand communication, emotions and trust. Libra does not achieve extremely exceptional compatibility with anyone, as it is considered the most complicated sign for feelings and love. They are a real nut to crack.

You have to get to know them gradually and in the end you don't even have to know them perfectly. According to astrology, the lowest compatibility in love is predicted by Libra with the signs Scorpio, Taurus, and with the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. However, Pisces are, for example, a sign that can stir up passion in you even after years of living together, just like the sign of Cancer. For love with Libra, it is important to constantly reassure them of the authenticity of your love and how important a partner born in the air sign of Libra's zodiac is to you.

Zodiac sign of Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

Aquarius needs more space in the first place, even in love relationships. The air element that belongs to Aquarius makes them a highly intellectual person who can process intelligence appropriately. Aquarius is considered one of the most intelligent signs in the whole zodiac. He thinks rationally and logically. He is reserved and relaxed. Sometimes Aquarius has a problem expressing his thoughts and feelings because Aquarius cannot commit himself until he feels complete devotion and trust to his partner.

He also needs independence in love, which certain Zodiac signs are not willing to tolerate. The positive features of the Aquarius include its originality and intuition, which can guide the Aquarius and determine the right direction if the Aquarius cannot decide which way to go next. You can rely on your intuition at all times. Aquarius is a Zodiac sign, which is often carefree, and its shortcoming is a feeling of loneliness, which is difficult to fill. Some Aquarius partners also may not like his desire for freedom and eccentric hobbies.

Aquarius is able to think logically and guide the life decisions, goals and paths of others. He can use his talent in technical work, he can also devote himself to Nature and natural sciences, which satisfy the curiosity of the last air Zodiac sign in a row. The curious Aquarius is unstoppable when he is interested in the things that fill and entertain him. It is necessary to exclude from the menu such foods that burden you and block the full manifestation of the positive properties of your air element. Aquarius is an adventurous, and mostly romantic sun sign, which is a bit complicated in love.

The sign of Aquarius with the sign of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and the fire Zodiac sign Aries achieves strong compatibility in love. These 4 signs represent an ideal partner for Aquarius, who can work with your energy, supplement it and balance it appropriately. It is for this reason that Aquarius feels best, free in relation to these 4 signs. Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo are unsuitable long-term mates for Aquarius zodiac sign. With these three signs, Aquarius feels certain limitations, lack of freedom, or bondage, which is not exactly good news for Aquarius's life.

However, with the knowledge of working with the air element, you will be able to process your air element correctly, and therefore these relationships would not have to be complicated if you sincerely strive for the proper functioning of this relationship. You are an extremely docile and sensitive person, and you must also use the positive qualities of your sign to your advantage - to move forward in your personal life and in your relationship. For a brighter future, love and for deeply experiencing the emotions of every Aquarius. You rise above the mundaneness of life and you see even the smallest positive trifles of life. Teach others how to live, enjoy romance and love, and this way you will make perfect use of your air element.

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