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Water Element

Water - an element of constant movement. Water presents rivers, seas, lakes, rain or energy needed for life, the basis of growth and development. Peace, depth, specifies a relentless force that will not be destroyed by any other element. Everything living needs water, it is the basis of our being. Water hides a secret in its depths. It represents the power of birth, but also the end of this being. Water is an element of astrology that literally works with life and death.

The water zodiac signs include the signs of Scorpio, Pisces and the second water zodiac sign in order - the sign of Cancer. The 3 signs of the solar zodiac have certain characteristics in common, but others are different and are divided on the basis of the fixed characteristics of your sign. A common specification for water zodiac signs is their mystery and receptivity.

Zodiac signs with a water element understand others because their sensitivity is very high. Each water sign is interested in the mystery in its surroundings, a little higher, which is beyond the limits of our current understanding or our world we inhabit. Great emotionality is sometimes considered a weakness of the Water zodiac signs, whose goodness can often be abused.

The predominance of water in the astrological chart means great emotions, exaggerated sensitivity and sometimes a phlegmatic attitude to the lives and problems of others. Although water zodiac signs perfectly perceive their own problems and fears, with a lack of water, they may feel disinterested and even insensitive to the lives of others.

The water zodiac signs are also considered passive. Some signs, especially those controlled by fire or air, may be considered boring by water zodiac signs, as signs without the necessary energy or passionate sparks of life. However, this is not entirely true. The water sun zodiac sign gives enough passion to those he trusts, to those he loves. The signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces require their partner to understand them perfectly - that they understand needs and feelings and expect respect in the relationship and communication that is important for love with these signs.

Intuitive and emotional, the water sign adapts extremely easily to any new life situation. It uses its full potential and can adapt to negative changes with extraordinary resilience. They are the most adaptable people who expect everything from life and therefore not many tend to get surprised. They calculate every possibility and every opportunity. They are ready to take chances, take advantage of opportunities, resist negative vibrations, and thanks to strong intuition, you can even avoid risks that would otherwise hit you.

The water zodiac signs are also extremely temperamental to some extent - it depends on the amount of water in your chart and also on your ruler and overall personal chart, which is best calculated for you by our astrologer Sibyl. Anyway, you need to learn how to use the water element to your advantage and how to work with this element correctly.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Love of Water Zodiac Signs - - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water zodiac signs are often described in horoscopes and characteristics as overly emotional. Maybe it's just a lack of time to deal with the past, or with negative past vibrations in the life of water zodiac signs. Give a water sign enough time to absorb both pain and joy, and it's clear that their energy, or duality, will quickly come under their own control. Subsequently, the depth of the relationship depends on the extent to which the water sign allows you to penetrate into the knowledge of their personality.

If life is friendly to the water zodiac signs, these signs are compassionate and can apply themselves in such life directions where helping others, compassion and love are the basis of success. On the other hand, the many blows from life and the many harms that affect water zodiac signs can create people from these sun signs who are resistant and sometimes callous. Yes, such an extreme difference can be observed in water zodiac signs, whose life is created by the surrounding world, society, but also by their own efforts to correct wrongs and the ability to forgive. Every zodiac sign is different, every person is also different, but the common characteristics of water sun signs are undeniable.

Those who are interested in winning the heart of the water zodiac sign should focus their attention mainly on honesty and showing compassion to the world around them. water zodiac signs are charmed if they see a person who is interested in all living things. They want an understanding partner by their side who is capable of deep emotions and feelings.

Their intuition guides them on the right path, and you can count on the fact that you cannot fool the water sun zodiac sign for long. He is a master at detecting deception, a master at reading faces and minds. Therefore, be careful not to disappoint your partner born under the water sign so much that you hurt his future soul, development and disrupt the future with heart wounds caused by your betrayal. You have to take care of your water sign, Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer partner with the utmost delicacy. So in him you will find a devoted, loving partner for life.

How To Balance Water elment?

For one's own inner harmony and perfect happiness in life, or understanding of being, it is necessary for each sign with an excess of water in the astrological chart to understand the possibilities of how to work correctly with this element, and how to harmonize water in life. Balancing the water element is the foundation of a happy water sign, and it's also a must know for every water sun sign.

Water zodiac signs are capable of such love, deep feeling so strong that no other zodiac sign can feel. This power and depth of emotion, which no one can perfectly reciprocate, is extremely confusing for some individuals with an excess or lack of water. And precisely because of excessive emotionality towards relationships, and excessive enthusiasm love, it is necessary to know the means for perfect balancing of the water element.

Although the astrological signs Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces have some characteristics in common, they are influenced by water to different depths and in different directions. The water element is to some extent the element of feelings. Inner intuition and talks about how we feel in our lives. It is an element of feeling, asking us whether it is right to stand still or to go with the flow. It helps us to be creative.

Water is an element that helps balance our emotions and the emotions of others. If it is out of balance, we feel burdened by the energy of others. We accept negative energy from other people into our lives and we cannot process it properly. Lack and excess of water can mean exhaustion in the emotional world and the inability to make rational decisions.

To balance the water and obtain harmonious energies, as well as regain objectivity and rationality, we can do several things that bring the water into balance. Sufficient water is important for our life and therefore we must not forget about the drinking regime. People who have a shortage or an excess of water in their astrological chart should bathe more, should meditate more, especially in nature - around rivers and lakes. Spend moments of peace and quiet perceiving the music of flowing water.

Water is connected with us very strongly and therefore we must not ignore its sound, taste and smell. A walk on a rainy summer day will recharge us with enough energy for many more days. Time spent by the river, by the sea, or by the pool recharges the water zodiac signs with strength and resilience. water zodiac signs are creative, and therefore creative activities, like watching a movie, time spent with art will help you to balance the water element. Your daily meditation space should be reserved for you alone. Strengthen meditation exercises with sounds associated with water, advises the fortuneteller Sibyl to harmonize the water element in your life.

Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer zodiac sign is the first sign in the sequence, which is associated with the water element. Cancer is considered the most sentimental zodiac sign. Do you know a Cancer in your area? These characteristic features, which we will clarify now, certainly fit the Cancer you know, because its ruler is the Moon and its element is precisely the important element - water. Cancer is the cardinal zodiac sign and thus closes the connection in a square on the astrological chart with the signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn, which are also considered cardinal zodiac signs.

Cancer zodiac sign does not lack purposefulness in life, which is its driving engine for activities on which it fully concentrates. It is certainly not surprising when the Sibyl specifies Cancer as a complicated being with whom relationships are sometimes complicated. Cancer has a strong desire for action and is always ready to initiate action to achieve the things it desires. He starts and finishes things. He cares about the quality of what he does and is happy to have a person around him who helps him with his own self-development. He is proud of his achievements and even small things make him happy.

Cancer zodiac sign needs a partner that is in touch with his needs and emotions. He doesn't want to spend his whole life struggling with someone who doesn't understand him. If he is in a relationship that is more of a struggle than a pleasure, he will put himself in a defensive position. Such a relationship is painful for Cancer. If he cares about you, Cancer will do the first and last thing for you. If something you do or say does not suit him, you can prepare for apathetic behavior towards your needs and emotions.

Cancer sun sign wants to feel as safe as possible throughout its life and looks for ways to repay the good behavior of the people it meets on its life's journey. He does not take revenge, but he will reward you for all the good you do for him. Such is the water Cancer, which is perfectly connected with its element. A lack of water, or its excess, causes Cancer many emotional problems and mood swings that it cannot process. For Cancer, it is necessary to learn to work with the water element, and especially if your planets of the personal astrological chart are placed in the water element in a higher frequency.

Cancer astrology sign, whose water is in balance, is the perfect partner. Empathic, Cancer is always ready to help. In a relationship, such a Cancer is passionate and loyal. Such is the life of a Cancer if the water is in good harmony. If it is out of balance, you feel betrayed, deceived, you feel trapped in your own box and you feel that the world does not understand you. If you feel this way, it is clear that you need to get your water under the desired control.

Your goal should be an inner feeling of satisfaction with yourself and the life you are creating. A very strong compatibility in love is achieved by Cancer with the sign Taurus, where you understand each other in every life issue. Your relationship shows elements of perfection. Another suitable partner for Cancer is the Capricorn sign and also another Cancer. An unsuitable partner for living together with Cancer is the sign of Sagittarius, as well as the sign of Gemini. Life with Leo will also be full of challenges, questions and unfulfilled expectations for both Cancer and Leo, defines Sibyl, who describes the basic effect of water on Cancer's life.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio sun sign is the second water zodiac sign in order. It is a female zodiac sign, whose female energy is an advantage especially for men born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, who, thanks to female energy, can better understand the opposite sex. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto in traditional astrology, and in modern astrology Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars.

The characteristics of Scorpio astrology sign says that Scorpio is a sun sign, which is characterized by the mystery of the zodiac signs born with the water element. Scorpio boasts great intelligence. Discipline and imagination make a Scorpio a great person, full of good ideas, and it is clear that a Scorpio can arrange things in their own life according to their wishes. Scorpio's nature is intellectual and great physical strength is also specific to this sign.

Scorpio zodiac sign is characterized by the water element. Because of the water element, water Scorpios can seem very complicated and difficult to other zodiac signs. If you get to know them in depth, you will quickly discover their emotional nature and their positive qualities. To some, a Scorpio's personality may seem tight-lipped, shallow, or even shady. However, Scorpio knows well how to protect his heart from disappointment, so he does not rush into relationships that are meaningless and that can hurt him. Scorpio is a water sign that is inaccessible at first glance, but really just needs to get to know the one to trust. Therefore, at the beginning of the relationship, it may seem to many that Scorpio is not interested in you, even if this is not the case in reality.

Scorpio is a zodiac sign that will always willingly and selflessly help you. He hates lies and superficiality and avoids people who are superficial. He keeps his friends close to him and tries to keep his relationships with friends honest. Scorpio is a very stubborn water zodiac sign, and sometimes remains fixated on its own ideas and beliefs. The Scorpio zodiac sign needs a stable partner by his side, with whom he will feel powerful and independent.

Scorpio sun sign achieves the strongest love compatibility with the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Pisces and also with the sign of Virgo. According to astrology, the signs Gemini, Leo, Aquarius and also the zodiac sign Aquarius are unsuitable partners for whom more work will be needed on a joint relationship. These relationships require more work and less stubbornness on the part of the Scorpio.

Pisces Zodiac Sign (February 19 - March 20)

The ruler of the sign of Pisces is the planet Neptune, and Pisces, like the other two water zodiac signs, belongs to the female signs - that is, to those that show mainly female energy in life. The nature of Pisces is melancholic, and sometimes Pisces can seem like a solitary zodiac sign, also due to the fact that Pisces are connected to the water element. The positive qualities of Pisces are their huge imagination, which is their strongest weapon, but sometimes it takes away their strength in life progress, because the world is too inhospitable for them.

Pisces is a romantic zodiac sign. They are patient and extremely sensitive. Their sensitivity to the surrounding life, the world, and also the needs of others makes Pisces the best partner and companion. Pisces is a creative sign, and for many other zodiac signs, they are the best friend. Where else to find good advice and support in life than from the sign of Pisces?

The water sign of Pisces is often underestimated. Among the negative qualities of this sign, we also include a certain comfortability, which can hinder your personal progress in any direction you want to improve in your life. Things will go according to your wishes, but rather more slowly than with other signs. Pisces is a water zodiac sign, which knows how to use its powerful weapons very skillfully if they want to attract the attention of a potential partner.

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of a relationship, Pisces can be confused, because at first they don't know exactly what they desire and what they really want from a relationship. You will often find out whether you are a suitable or unsuitable partner for a Pisces later, when the Pisces reevaluates every detail of your budding, developing relationship. From the point of view of the water element, Pisces is considered the most emotional zodiac sign, they are also extremely sensitive.

The water element causes a quick change of mood in Pisces, which can be discouraging for several zodiac signs when starting a relationship. It is extremely important for Pisces to work with the variability of their moods throughout their lives, and to learn to work with the negative influence of water from an astrological point of view. Zodiac sign Pisces are excellent lovers. However, it is necessary to understand them and not abuse their friendliness and good heart.

From the point of view of compatibility in love, Pisces get along with the earth sign Taurus, where compatibility in love and in a relationship reaches almost 90%. In love, Pisces also get along with Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and other Pisces. So there are many suitable partners for Pisces who will be satisfied with these partners and can show as much love in the relationship as they want. Gemini is clearly an unsuitable partner for Pisces. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, you need to focus on improving communication. With the Leo sign, your relationships will also feel more like on a swing.

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