December Horoscope 2022 Leo

Horoscope Leo

December 2022

Don't be provoked by anyone near you. After a turbulent period, you have time to relax. Fate will test your patience this month, as well as your ability to adapt to change. Do not take any change tragically and even if something seems negative at first, it may not be the case. Pay more attention to building your patience and listen to your instinct. It really gives you the best advice on which direction to take in matter of important issues. This month Mars favours you and you will have a strong sense of intuition. Follow it.

Love December 2022 : This month, spend more time with your partner. You can't expect from them to love you just because you smile at them. Do not take it for granted and try to do more for him than ever before. But expect them to do the same. If you're single, have you ever noticed one of your friends looking at you? They have an obvious interest in you, but you still haven't noticed. Try to look around and find that there is a treasure undiscovered yet. Do not be afraid of this new feeling. This month is the time to clear your family relationships. In the family, always be honest and forget about lies that undermine your trust and relationships. Contact a friend you haven't talked to for a long time in the first half of the month. You will both enjoy this renewal of friendship.

Health December 2022: Forget about cigarettes and alcohol throughout the month. Alcohol causes your body to become exhausted, and you will also suffer from urinary tract diseases. If you avoid it, you will avoid frequent visits to your doctor. If you are considering something new for a long time, look for alternative medicine. Try to read more about Chinese medicine and meditation. Meditation means mainly purging your psyche, there is no need to look for anything crazy and exotic. Read articles that will broaden your health horizons. Don't put your body under heavy stress this month. Do an easy sport rather than lifting anything heavy. Under the influence of Jupiter, you are prone to various injuries that could complicate the second half of the month.

Work & Money December 2022 : At work, sweep away dust from old documents and start sorting out the unnecessary. Shred everything fairly and archive documents that may contain personal information. If your work has been exhausting lately, it is high time to relax and leave. Sometimes even one day of vacation before the weekend will help you to relax perfectly. Your colleagues will helpful to you this month. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask someone who understands things better. Maybe you can solve your problem sooner and better than if you were worried about asking.

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