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Changes predicted for this year will be caused by more than just Leo, the planet that rules the sign. The Sun, which controls Leo, travels from the 6th to the 7th house. So, it moves from the sign of Capricorn to the sign of Aquarius. This affects the house of astrology in charge of relationships, marriage, and the ability to work with documents well. Right at the start of January, you can feel that Mercury is still playing catch-up in 6th house. This Mercury doesn't just affect the fifth sign inseries; it affects the whole zodiac.

Yearly Horoscope presents Leo 2023-2024

In 2023, the energy of Leo is affected by the full moon, the new moon… And by the movement of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and other vital planets in astrology. They also affect how Leo thinks and feels and what decisions Leo makes in this period. The Leo Horoscope 2023 also works with moving forward or backward planets. The Leo Horoscope 2023 will be broken up into different sections. You can find out what the future holds for anything that interests you.

So, a creative and passionate Leo gets a personal forecast for the whole year, which can help them find their way and guide them through the year. The first part of 2023, horoscope summarizes how the most important planets affect you throughout the year. In this overview, we'll look at how the astrological transits affect you month by month.

The energy of Mercury retrograde, which has been in fifth sun sign since 2022, is most vital during the first 18 days of year. In astrology, Mercury retrograde is in sixth house. It combines the flexibility of Mercury with the traits of Leo. During the first eighteen days of 2023, you tend to force your ideas on others. Horoscope Leo for 2023 says you think about things more and do more research.

The Leo yearly Horoscope 2023 says that unfinished business from the past will come to the forefront of Leo's life. On the one hand, this transit can be harmful if you take on too many responsibilities and overwhelm others. On the other hand, you can now finish the things that worried you last year.

Leo's good relationships come from the 7th house in 2023

To eliminate bad karma, you should finish what you started, so you don't have to return to it. During January, February, and March, the positions of astrological planets show that 7th, 8th, and later 9th houses will be intensely occupied. For example, Leo's good relationships come from the seventh house. 2023 love horoscope focuses mainly on this house and the energies related to love and relationships. From January 20 to February 18, when the Sun is in seventh house, it is essential for your relationship.

It looks at relationships in general and how partners relate to each other. It also looks at relationships in a broader sense. Leo zodiac sign learns about his partner's soul, which makes love in his home grow. He also works on building a love for himself. A single one might find it hard to find spiritual integrity. At this time, yu put a lot of stock on what you partner thinks.

You pay close attention to what partner wants and needs. So, Leo cares more about the people he loves than about himself. This way of thinking about yourself might only change around the full moon on February 5, when Leo becomes more sure of who they are. Venus, one of most important planets in astrology, moves from the 9th house to the 10th house in March.

During this time, you may want to travel and learn about the lives and cultures of other people. If you don't plan to travel or vacation in third month of 2023, it's best to relax with a good travel book. You will find out more about the world. Now you also stress faith and philosophy. Any belief in Leo now has a solid link to his life. Students born under this zodiac sign are doing well in school right now. You can see things from different points of view. Again, you care on building self-confidence and making your beliefs and ideas stronger.

This is good for Leo's mental health and sense of balance. However, in March, Venus only stays in ninth house for a short time. On March 16, it moves to the tenth house. The position of Venus mentioned above helps you advance in your career. Even the person who is looking for work. You'll likely do well at work in March. The second Mercury retrograde will happen from April 21 to May 15, affecting every zodiac sign.

Horoscope 2023 describes start of Leo season

2nd Mercury retrograde in 2023 will occur in 10th house, according to the horoscope. Because of this, Mercury in retrograde will affect how much this sign works and how much work it can do. Sibyla says that the first part of year will be interesting for you based on the astrological chart. The Sun moves through astrological houses, which are in charge of balance, work, and money. If retrograde Mercury is in 10th house of astrology, you are trying to find a balance between work, your personal life, and career.

Trying to do a lot in a short amount of time leads to a constant drive for perfection and a boost in self-confidence. You want people to think your work is perfect. Now, every Leo should work on their work-related karma. If you know what's essential in your life, this Mercury can help you feel good about yourself.

The year's second half is also covered in Horoscope 2023. In July, the Leo season starts, which lasts from July 23 to August 23. Then every Leo has a birthday, maybe in July or August. This year, the Leo season is based on where the planet Venus is in first astrological house. Suppose you are getting ready for your birthday this year. In that case, the horoscope and astrological chart for 2023 say that you will be too worried about how you look to other people.

You long for harmony, claims Horoscope Leo 2023

When Venus goes backward for the first time, right after the start of Leo season, you feel a strong need for harmony and a desire for your mind to be whole. The yearly Horoscope 2023 Leo says that your life have different vibrations. The excellent news about Venus is that you are thinking about the far future, which you feel perfect about.

Venus in this position can mean that you accept yourself as you are, which is excellent news for the mental health. The way Venus is being talked about will last until September 4. October and November are solid months for how things work in house. The Sun moves from the third house to the 4th house, then from the fourth house to the 5th house.

But from October 23 to November 22, Sun spends the most time in fourth house. During this time, the fourth house is also ruled by Mercury, but Mars also rules it. This position of astrological aspects links you to the home and the family. You pay more attention to your kids, family, siblings, and parents... You feel safest when you're with people you love. You'd like to spend more time with the people you care about.

Horoscope will clarify 2023's news for Leo

October and November are delightful and balanced months when you find love and safety at home. Mars moves into fifth house at the 2023 end, where it will stay until 2024. When Mars is in your sun sign in this way, you put all of your energy into social activities and intimate pleasure with your partner. Or you are meeting new friends.

But this Mars could also make you want to move quickly in your relationship. So, the 2023 horoscope warns people who are single at the end of year not to rush into relationships that need time to grow. In last month, December 2023, Venus, the planet of love and money, moves from the 4th house to the 5th. But all December is in 4th house and moving in a forward direction. It brings everyone to where it is now, living together in harmony.

Sibyla predicted fascinating astrological events. So, the last three months of the year are heavily focused on being at home and having a friendly atmosphere. So, read the Horoscope 2023 Leo to discover what will happen to you this year. In the following few lines, you'll also learn what areas and specific other astrological energies will affect your zodiac sign.

What positive and negative news does fortune-teller predict for 2023? Prediction of shocking facts about the entire year of Leo.


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