Horoscope Aquarius 2023

Sibyla glanced at Aquarius's horoscope and overall chart and observed adverse transits. It is essential to prepare for the bad things that the Horoscope Aquarius for 2023 says will happen so that they don't ruin your life completely.

Yearly Horoscope Aquarius 2023 - Overview of Negative News in 2023

This way, we will look at the astrological factors most likely to make the Aquarius year 2023 a bad one. From April 21 to May 15, Mercury will move backward in the fourth house with great force. Mercury goes through the Taurus sign. For Aquarius, it's like going back in time. Now Aquarius looks behind. He feels like he has a link to the past. The memories that keep you from sleeping now are from your childhood and recent times.

You remember all the bad things that happened to you in the past. Most of these bad feelings have to do with family and growing up. In this situation, your thoughts may bring up emotions that can stop your body from moving. Mercury in retrograde will remind you of the problems your parents caused you with how they raised you and what regrets you never told them.

Mercury's retrograde phase brings karma, which has to do with emotional growth, to Aquarius. So that you don't make the same mistakes in your education, you need to close the book on your childhood through communication. This Mercury is making a mess. It stops people from feeling like they can talk to each other freely. You usually solve your problems on your own.

But once this bad vibration of Mercury stops, you will be able to say what you want. When it's over, the sun goes into the fifth house of astrology, where you can connect with the past. Since Mercury is in direct motion and the right place, you can talk to your family about any personal problems. In 2023, the second ruler of every Aquarius is backward in the second house. It's a sign that every Aquarius will learn a lesson about their property or property in general. You will be very interested in money.

But you want to buy more property than you can afford to pay back. For some Aquarius, being a secondary ruler can mean buying many things they can't pay for with their income. You have more expenses than income. You care more about the items in your life than the people in it. To get out of the dire situation you're in now, caused by Saturn's retrograde in the second house. It would help if you stopped seeing the world as a place where you can only make money.

Horoscope 2023 forecasts, building solid relationships is essential

If you pay attention to what matters, you will do what is right. Love and good relationships are essential. But when Saturn is in this spot, it can get in the way of good personal relationships. This makes setting up for a wave of love even harder. There will be more work to do in love, Aquarius. It will be harder for you to find the love you want. Remember that building solid relationships is essential.

In 7th house, where Saturn is moving backward, Venus is also moving backward. From July 23 to September 4, it is in use. And just like other planets that move backward, this Venus can also make bad things happen. When Venus is in Aquarius's 7th house and moving backward, it makes them think about long-term relationships. People are afraid of anything that can last longer and grow faster. You need to earn more progress. When Venus is in the 7th house, you want to hide how you feel. You think about everything logically. Your heart is number two. You like to follow your mind. But this might not always be the best thing for Aquarius.

You think the world is not a good place to find love. That love hurts more than it helps. For many Aquarians, life is now like a game of chess. You try to do better than your partner. You're trying to win. You'll have to use all of your weapons to beat him... Your relationship is more complicated because you don't do things together and instead compare and fight. In astrology, Venus going backward in the seventh house can even mean end of some relationships. And that's especially true of the broken relationships from before. Relationships where there was a lot of lying, deception, and mistrust... In 2023, it seems like Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio will have more trouble getting along with Aquarius.

Even relationships with people who have the sign of Virgo can go through hard times when Venus is retrograde. During this Venus, you can help and support other people as they make decisions about their own lives, but you can't do the same for yourself. Not even a middle ground. Your ideas change based on how the people you care about most see the world. You are an easy person to persuade. The annual horoscope warns that someone close to you could use this fact to get what they want from you.

Some relationships are broken, horoscope 2023 Aquarius predicts

Saturn going backward and slowing down shows up in the last few months of the year. Since October, you don't feel it as much as you used to. The horoscope says that from October to December 13, there will be good things and excellent energies. But at the year end, on December 13, Mercury starts moving backward. This time, it puts strength in the 11th house, which is all about friends. It will make the Aquarius think about things in a new way.

Aquarius wants to be free in their mind. You want to use what you've learned. And that's not just with friends, but especially at work. In December 2023, relationships may seem more complicated. Especially with the Scorpio sign and Taurus and Virgo signs, last but not least. At 2023 end, your relationships with these people will be challenging and unpleasant.

People will notice your bad mood and talk about it with each other. They won't help you get as far in life as you need to. Some people may think of you as cold and far away in the last few days of December 2023. Horoscope says that if you want to avoid bad things, you shouldn't try to solve too many problems at once in a personal matter.

Horoscope 2023 Aquarius speaks, you want a change

Relationships between people should stay the same. Significant life steps and decisions should be made at the end of 2023. Mercury going backward in a powerful way makes you want to make many changes in your life. But these changes are still being prepared for end of the year. So, Aquarius should get ready for 2023, as the Horoscope 2023 Aquarius says.

The bad things say that Aquarius will have many problems that need his full attention and then need to be solved. Sometimes you can't help but think a lot about the past. Suppose you need help finding answers to some life questions. In that case, you may feel a depressive period full of frustration from unresolved past, personal relationships, and problems.

Horoscope 2023 Aquarius - Overview of Negative News in 2023

The horoscope doesn't just talk about bad things, though. They soothe the souls of everyone born under the 11th sign of the zodiac. They can give you more energy, hope, and motivation to make decisions in the future. The year 2023 is also crucial because Aquarius will get good news.

Most of the time, Aquarians need the motivation to move forward in the long run. The transits of 2023 also change how your journey is going in a good way. And not just when it comes to romantic relationships. But also when it comes to health and work. Even if Mercury, Venus, Saturn, or Uranus are going backward and causing trouble. If Uranus is going backward and causing problems, you can still get past these bad vibrations.

Get good energy from them and use it in your life. There are times when you have to take things into your own hands. At section end of Horoscope 2023 Aquarius, there is a list of planets moving backward. So, here are the times when Aquarius will have the most trouble. The list of worlds that are going back is also a sheet that explains what parts of life will be affected. Anyway, Mercury will go back up to four times during the year 2023 for Aquarius. It has a significant effect on your energy. But you can change negative energies into more helpful ones. Mercury in retrograde gives you enough chances to bring back old ideas and projects you had given up on.

Yearly Horoscope talks about negative feelings

When Mercury is in retrograde, you can learn about yourself, meditate, and connect with the past. Mercury in retrograde can mean different things, but it always brings you back to the past, whether it's with family, old partners, or failed jobs. You always have the chance to learn from your mistakes and not make the same ones again. And that is precisely the good side of Mercury going backward in 2023.

The Aquarius season begins on January 20 and ends on February 18, 2023. From January 18, 2023, when retrograde Mercury and Mars finish their first action for 2023, each Aquarius can expect their season to start. But the horoscope also considers personal relationships important to every Aquarius.

During this time, you start to feel your more negative feelings turn into much better ones. The astrological chart talks about how Venus is in a perfect spot and how Mercury and the moon are in good locations that help Aquarius' relationships grow. Also, the Aquarius pregnancy horoscope for 2023 says that the first four months of that year will be productive. They are made to be successful in Aquarius, who is trying to have the first or subsequent child.

Venus 2023 will support Aquarius relationships

Only April 21 marks the end of this good time for each Aquarius's ability to have children. By the second time Mercury goes backward in 2023, the chances of success are gone. Mercury is good for meditation and avoiding repeating the. This slightly disturbing thing will go away on May 15.

Even so, the Sun is still in a perfect place. Mars is also moving from the sixth house to 7th house. So, it affects the relationships that last. Most of the time, marriage is not a good idea when Mars is in the seventh house. But you don't have to worry about a marriage that ends between May 15 and June 17, 2023. Aquarius' 2023 marriage and pregnancy horoscopes are similar. These significant life decisions should be made in February, March, or the first week of April. Last but not least, the previous three months of 2023 are also good. In particular, the time between September 1 and December 13, 2023.

These months are great for making faster, more active, and better personal progress. From July 23 to September 4, Venus will be retrograde, making it hard for personal relationships to grow. However, you can still start making plans for your big day. The horoscope predicts the wedding reception should occur after September 4, 2023, or at the beginning of 2023.

The excellent news in Aquarius's horoscope is that they can advance their careers. Even more so in the last three months of the year. The astrological chart says that the Sun and the planet Mercury are in a perfect spot, which makes you a very competitive person.

Horoscope Aquarius does not predicts worries

The chart for 2023 and the astrology table show that the last few months of the year can fix any broken or troubled relationships. Even Aquarians who have been out of work for a long time don't need to worry in September, October, and November 2023. And because of that, the horoscope lets them take advantage of every job chance. The one overseas.

With the end of the more troubling astrological events in the middle of 2023, you can also stop family fights. At the 2023 end, friendly ties will also become more critical. Then you'll put more effort into making friends than you did before.

Horoscope 2023 Aquarius defines new energy

Venus shows how single Aquarians should act in relationships. People who aren't in relationships can feel good about the whole year. From June to August 2023, even a single Aquarius will have a lot of chances to find love.

When April 2023 comes around. In other parts, you will learn more about how Venus will affect love in 2023. This information will be given to you for free in your horoscope. Don't miss out on Sibyla's free 2023 horoscope reading. Last, the Horoscope Aquarius tells you to ensure everything in your life is balanced. The year 2023, especially the first ten years of it, can give you a lot of new energy and strength. But you must pay attention to chakra healing, meditation, and good nutrition. It would help if you also focused on getting your health back on track.

Of course, every Aquarius has to deal with a change in their ideas and values. In 2023, they will be more up-to-date. This big annual prediction for 2023 has it in the last part. The health and vitality horoscope tells you more about what pains and health problems you can expect this year and how to turn them into something good.

In the next part, the Horoscope Aquarius tells about love, pregnancy and the future in relationships in 2023. The forecast continues to talk about the future.


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