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Monthly Horoscope Virgo

October 2021

You have known for a long time that there are people in your area with whom it makes no sense to discuss anything important. Finally, stop discussing important topics with the people who are sapping your energy. But don't behave arrogantly, you are intelligent enough to keep these people graceful. Also be careful about how you talk about others. Pungent and disrespectful remarks could upset your surroundings and everyone could start looking at you completely differently. Be prepared to receive an interesting offer from someone you haven't seen this month. Decide wisely and leave your emotions on the other track. Let them not advise you where your life path will go.

Love: This month, Jupiter will get your head tangled so that your thoughts won't let you sleep. You will think about your future and your partner. Are they going to stay with you for the rest of their life? Do not keep these ideas to yourself and act honestly with your partner. They, too, are sometimes worried. If you're still looking for the right one, keep in mind that the advice that others give you is not that great. Only you know what is best for you. If you treat your family as they deserve, you will be rewarded with a beautiful relationship with your loved ones. During this month you will meet a new person who will become your friend and change your life positively. They will help you learn the things you need for your future.

Health: This month, have a better drinking regime than in the past months. Bad drinking regime accounts for most of your health problems. Without water, your metabolism becomes lazy and you gain more weight. You also will not get rid of toxins from your body, which then cause several diseases. Water is extremely important to your body. However, it should not be forgotten that sweetened drinks, sparkling mineral water and flavoured waters do not count as a drinking regime. So do not sweetened tea or coffee. Make a routine in a healthy drinking regime this month, and drink at least one and a half litre of clean, unflavoured water a day. You will see how quickly your health will improve. Your skin will also improve and you will feel much more vital energy.

Work & Money: You may want career growth. However, you will think twice whether you will move forward within the company you are currently operating in, or decide to change your workplace. However, your decision will be difficult. Present your ideas directly to your boss, but watch out for your skills and think well of your presentation and way of communication so that you don't feel embarrassed. Do not overestimate your skills.

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