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Pisces Personality Traits

Birthday: February 19. - March 20.

Planet: The ruling planet of the Pisces sign is the magical planet Neptune.

Element: Water is the ruling element for the Pisces sign.

Nature: The main character of the Pisces sign is melancholic.

Strengths: Pisces signs are predominantly religious. Full of fantasy and create your dreams and ideals. Pisces signs tend to be more spiritually oriented and dreamed. Pisces signs are sometimes lonely, but mystical signs.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this sign is often low self-esteem, fearfulness, and fragile willpower.

Body: Pisces-born people usually have a stronger or fatter figure with shorter limbs.

Lucky Day: Happy Pisces Day is Thursday. This day is dedicated to her dream activities and on this day it is best to decide on important steps.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of the Pisces sign will be Tuesday when the sign should act with caution and discretion.

Birthstone: The stone of the Pisces sign is aquamarine and amethyst. These underline the life of the signs on the edge of dream and reality. To the world of fantasy, the sign leads amethyst and tightly attaches them to aquamarine.

Health: Pisces signs tend to be susceptible to heart and blood circulation problems. This receptive sign of full fantasy must also regulate its intestinal activity, especially with cabbage, which is the main and best food for Pisces sign. The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric will also help them with intestinal problems, which are often troubled by Pisces sign. Because of their strong imagination, weak fighting, resilience, and dreaming, Pisces can be subject to mental illness more than anyone else.

Color: Their color is a beautiful light blue color combined with white or slightly green. The Pisces sign should be surrounded by these colors.

Where to Travel: Norway, Portugal, Asia, and Brazil should choose for travel.

Lucky numbers: Lucky numbers of Pisces are 2, 4, 22

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Great Characteristics of Pisces

The water Pisces sign is characterized by swimming upstream. If they are carried away by the stream and stop fighting the problems, a disaster may occur in the life of them. Pisces is a sign based on feelings, dreams, flying between dream and reality. They are dreamy and often shifting their ideas into action that they would not otherwise realize. The Pisces signs are a special sign as they have a piece of each zodiac sign. In any case, it is most difficult to specify the Pisces sign.

They are able to feel every moment, thanks to their strong inner perception and sensitivity. They are dominated by the mystical Neptune known as the God of the sea in old mythology. It is the planet Neptune that gives them sensuality and sensitivity. They are also characterized by their sixth sense. Oftentimes, they can predict the near future, even without realizing it. The Pisces sign is master in understanding. They may seem to be able to understand all the people around them. They are a great listener and can be a valuable friend. But they have a problem to understand themselves, their feelings, direction, and stability. They can have a problem concentrating on the present or the future as they live in a dream world.

Their inner desires move them forward. They are the most cautious zodiac sign. Pisces are very confident, which can often lead to problems. They enjoy their surroundings in which they live. Their selflessness and modest nature is a real treasure for the Pisces sign of trusting friends and partners. Like Libra sign, the Pisces signs are unable to make quick and vigorous decisions. Oftentimes, they are groping at what direction to go. However, they can trust their sixth sense that will always lead them to the right path. This sixth sense of the Pisces sign is an exceptional feature you can observe in this sign.

Pisces does not have enough energy to overcome heavy or hard barriers. But in their actions, the observer may seem to have anticipated everything in advance. Unfortunately, the Pisces sign often becomes a victim of fraud because it is extremely naive and trustworthy. Pisces sign you can affect the lightest of all zodiac signs and are heavily dependent on family and friends. They need someone with them to show them the way to love, whom to trust, even sometimes they need advice on what to buy. In the dream world of signs, after being disappointed in love life or in people, they enter into their imagination, which is a real refuge for them. But beware of one characteristic of the Pisces sign. They are very susceptible to addictive substances, to alcohol and Pisces can also plague psychical illnesses.

If the Pisces sign is your friend you have found a real treasure. Their friendship must be respected. If you need any help, the Pisces sign will always be there for you. You get not only material help, but Pisces sign can also help you mentally and advise you in every area of ​​life. Their imagination helps them to be a great listener and trustee.

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Pisces & Work

Pisces learn with simplicity and achieve excellent results when doing the right job. Great professions for them are, for example, the art professions and travel-related work. They can also work in middle business positions. They are great architects, and they have an extremely strong relationship with artistic creation. Pisces designed skills are perfect for design cars, houses, apartments, are great fashion consultants, fashion designers, designers, creative people, photographers... Pisces sign can be excellent doctors because they learn really with ease. Very suitable for them are professions as a teacher and a nurse, where they will excel in their nature and tenderness towards other people. They are used strongly in areas where imagination and creativity are needed. They are is also music and poetry gifted. The Pisces signs are often great priests. Religious questions are close to them and they can also be interested in deep meditation and spiritual issues in the world.

Characteristics of Pisces Man - Pisces man Traits

If you have met a passionate man who acted spontaneously but was extremely indecisive, you met a man born under the sign of Pisces. They can't quickly decide what they want and what they don't want. They are dreamy people who are slightly unstable but can act energetically. Sometimes they can show determination, but only if the situation requires it and they have no other choice. They are open to new things, not only at work but also in love or sex life. For some reason, Pisces men are interested in contact with married women and fantasize about such a loving relationship. The more inaccessible you are, the more interested Pisces will be in you.

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The sign of Pisces will surprise you with an incredible amount of tenderness and sensitivity. This man is a powerful introvert. If Pisces man falls in love, it's mostly for life. I mean, if you love him enough. People often embellish themselves. If someone is against his imagination, it may happen that he will see it by his very own eyes. This man is like a magnet and so attracts the opposite sex. Their sensitivity attracts especially dreamy women. He puts a lot of sensitivity into the relationship, which only suits certain women.

Pisces man in Love

For the sign of Pisces, it is typical to need to be pushed. If you are interested in a man born in this decade and under this sign, you will have to be overflowing with patience and militancy. Pisces must be conquered, it is not possible that this man will take the first step towards you. But when your patience withstands it, he will become your partner for the rest of your life. Beware, however, that Pisces men are sometimes overly sorry. Do not let the signs fall into depressions or negative thoughts. If you take care of his psyche you will be a truly happy woman by his side.

They are great lovers who are interested in their partner. They like to pleasure a woman before he thinks of himself. Pisces man will take care of you as if you were a princess and guide you through the paths of sensitive and romantic lovemaking. He is attracted to the initiative in sex life and therefore you can look forward to sufficient love experiences. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Pisces and discover more about love with Pisces man.

Pisces men are slightly unstable and their life is divided into two parts. At a higher age, they focus on a new direction and are already considering marriage. At a young age, commitments are not considered important. But if you want to live in a magical land full of romance and sensitivity, this man will be the ideal sign for you.

Characteristics of Pisces Woman - Pisces woman Traits

A woman born under the sign of Pisces is two-faced. She is heavily influenced by people around and it may happen that if you are sad she will be too and vice versa. She is very sensitive and seems extremely experienced. Her spirituality helps her maintain a mysterious look both from the outside and at the inside. A woman who is born as a Pisces is a secretive and lives in her wonderful realm of dreams. If you are steadfast and will catch her interest she will give you a beautiful new world of imagination.

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The signs of Pisces is generally very kind and sensitive. The women of this sign simply fall in love very quickly. They love flirting and long for love. If love is given to them, they are also willing to give all their love to others. If they are in love, their soul flies in the clouds and their beauty blossoms. Their expressions of love are immensely romantic, loving and charming. Pisces women require their partners to constantly prove them love in the form of words, deeds and even small gifts that this sign will really appreciate. If they fall in love with you, you will be the centre of their attention and will not be easy to get rid of.

Pisces woman in Love

A Pisces woman searches for a stronger partner with leading position. Pisces woman is fragile and therefore needs a strong man to help her with her problems and who can take care of everything related to household or decisions. Every man longs for a romantic, tender and sincere woman and therefore the sign of a Pisces can be a very good choice for you. She is a great partner in society because thanks to her humorous sincerity, she is able to conquer the whole neighbourhood. She wants to live by side of a stronger and confident partner. What is very interesting about Pisces sign is that a woman is looking for a rather vague sexual partner.

She doesn’t want to share her partner with another woman as she wants to be the centre of his attention. Therefore, she focuses on strong personalities, but also on a man who does not visibly abound with a high testosterone. A woman in this sign longs for stability and security. Pisces woman wants to be the sexiest woman for her partner.

If you have chosen a woman in this sign, you have to accept her spiritual part. Get to know her dreaming, her fear of the violent world, her views of the world, politics, music or other people. Approach the bond with discretion, but do not hesitate for a long time, because she will set sail with a man who will be more determined and save her from the disappointment of a relationship with no future. Note, however, that during big relationship problems or after the breakup often reaches for alcohol. Pisces woman is attracted to men rather older. Sometimes, in her imagination, she gets into a loving relationship with married men. Such mysterious sexual adventures can interest her.

The woman in the sign of Pisces is mainly devoted to you in sex. She takes sex as a magic thing and gives you your desire for satisfaction. She is very playful and is extremely relaxed about sex. Spend a long and romantic foreplay together and you will be really happy with your sex life with a Pisces woman. Do not set boundaries in playfulness, and embark on a new experience in sexual life. Let your imagination work and indulge in a truly exceptional shared experience. This woman will also be envied by men around you.

Health predictions for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces should be aware of several aspects of their health. They should pay particular attention to their digestive tract and intestines. It is necessary to follow the cleansing procedures at least twice a year, when the intestines can be cleaned of unnecessary and harmful substances that have settled there during normal meals. Pisces have heart problems as well. It is necessary to focus mainly on healthy fats that do not clog blood vessels and pay more attention to healthy eating, which will also affect overall health and heart activity.

The sign of Pisces often enjoys alcohol or drugs. Since their priority is to move in the realm of dreams, these substances often help them to do so. Drink alcohol sparingly and of course avoid drugs. Pisces have a strong inclination to addictive substances and the addictions to such hazardous substances develops in them very quickly. It is necessary that this sign does not overload their body and enjoy more relaxation in life. Pay extra attention, if you experience poor mental health after a break-up, an unexpected negative event in your life, or a loss of someone close to you and do not hesitate to visit a specialist if necessary. Remember, you are not only a mentor for others, but sometimes you need to talk and need advice of an expert .

Pisces man and Pisces woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

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Many Pisces attract the opposite sex as a magnet. It is not advisable to play with people born under the sign of Pisces in the emotional area. Get to know this sign well until you get into a serious relationship with them. They are not built for long-term commitments, but in the second half of life it changes to the contrary. They are not good at commanding and discipline at home or in raising children. They need a strong and resolute partner who is not so emotionally focused and does not have such a strong tendency to dream. Often, they take long time to decide about a partner, on which they find even such shortcomings that may not even exist.

Pisces sail with their own stream, and encounter sacrifices of their love on this voyage. The sign is attracted to adventure and sexual relationship with the specified individual. Avoid even flirting with a man in the sign of Pisces if you are in a partnership with someone else. Pisces will catch you and then kick you out.

Pisces Love Compatibility

Nevertheless, Pisces can create a harmonious relationship with a wise Cancer, a stubborn Capricorn or a passionate Taurus. Definitely unsuitable for Pisces are signs of Virgo and Gemini. Sagittarius and Pisces form the most incompatible pair.

Pisces & Celebrities

Albert Einstein is one of the most prominent personalities born under the sign of Pisces. Beautiful Elizabeth Taylor belongs to a woman born under the sign of Pisces. Another prominent figure who has benefited from the immense fantasy of Pisces is Victor Hugo. The magical Cindy Crawford or Sharon Stone can also boast about being a sign of Pisces. Other Pisces lists include Drew Barrymore, Kurt Cobain, Jon Bon Jovi, George Washington. Hharismatic actor Bruce Willis also belongs to the The sign of the Pisces. Nicolaus Copernicus closes this group of the most prominent personalities who were born under the sign of a Pisces and who proudly reflect the characteristic features of this mysterious sign.

Pisces Horoscopes

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