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Chinese Zodiac Tiger Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034 ...

Lucky Numbers for Tiger are 3 and 1 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 31, 133, 13.

Lucky Day for Tiger is twenty-seventh day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Tiger Feng Shui is Blue and Orange.

Lucky Month based on the Tiger Feng Shui is March.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Brown.

Unlucky Numbers for Tiger are 7 and 8. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 87.

Unlucky Month according to the Tiger Feng Shui is May.

Detailed Traits of Tiger zodiac sign

A man in the Chinese sign of Tiger feels the need for adventure and knowledge during his life. These people often become adventurers who will live in other parts of the world. They don't look where they were born. Every culture is interesting for them. However, they still return to the warmth of their home.

For the sign of Tiger to achieve real satisfaction, his life's journey requires adventure. Tiger is a Chinese sign that other signs of the zodiac may envy in terms of strength and energy. This sign has an extremely good vision and therefore in today's world, he can observe with his eyes what remains hidden from other people.

A man in the sign of the Tiger shows his courage wherever he goes. It is a patient sign and therefore becomes a good and sensible parent as he gets older. It can provide children with the necessary knowledge of the world and strengthen their vision. He will show everyone he meets that the world is not just a small, uninteresting box, with limited options. Tiger sees possibilities all around him and pursues the necessary adventure.

However, according to the Chinese horoscope, Tiger is a devoted sign that always returns to a loved one. They are not thrilled if someone dictates to them how to live. Tiger needs to feel free and live by his own rules. Only then will he find perfect satisfaction in life. Chinese Zodiac Tiger is an interesting sign that in the outdoor environment he can manifest himself as too talkative or, on the contrary, completely silent. These two extremes are conditioned by his belief in the thing you are currently talking about or his belief in your person. Tiger will never trust a man he only knows briefly.

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Work & Money of Tiger Chinese sign

Tiger can be described as a sign of good health. They usually go through only frequent colds during their lifetime, but they overcome it quickly. Tiger also can have high fevers, which he should watch out for mainly by choosing suitable clothes. He should not move to places where he could become infected with the flu or infectious disease.

Sometimes the Chinese sign of Tiger can also suffer from back and neck pain. However, Tiger is an extremely active sign of the Chinese zodiac and thanks to that he can enjoy good health until old age. He also enjoys various sports, which is very beneficial for him. However, according to the Chinese horoscope, the Tiger should be wary of strenuous and even exaggerated exercises that would strain his body and expose him to excessive physical exertion.

So if Tiger is involved in sports, he should also do warm-ups and maybe some yoga exercises to strengthen his spine. The Chinese sign of Tiger is energetic, but sometimes he can feel exhausted and then they need to know Feng Shui Tiger that could bring them energy. When he feels fatigued, he should try to relax at the wellness, sauna or a good massage.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Chinese sign of Tiger is usually the centre of attention of other people. He likes to draw attention to himself and is considered a sign in China to be respected. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Tiger sign is suitable for a profession where he will use its leadership skills. The Chinese horoscope speaks of the Chinese zodiac Tiger as someone who is suitable for a leading position in any field.

The Tigers are great managers, actors, writers, musicians. For women born in this sign, the profession of the graphic designer, or even flight attendants, is suitable. Men are great advertising agents, drivers and pilots. From the beginning, however, they have to deal with more problems, but with increasing age, their positive attitude to work also increases. The Tiger sign works extremely well under pressure. Occupations that are not limited to a small space are suitable for them.

An absolutely inappropriate occupation for this Chinese sign is to work at a desk somewhere in an office. As the years go by, they can earn better money and often be exceptionally successful in their careers. Because they have the heart of an adventurer, at a young age the Chinese sign of Tiger prefers to have fun, travel and explore cultures and does not attach much importance to anything. Therefore, their real career usually starts later.

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Love life & Compatibility for Tiger sign

Person of the sign of Tiger who was born in one of the years of the Tiger is someone who enjoys love with all his heart. In flirting, the Tigers are very clumsy and have no gift to make an impression at first sight. However, it is compensated by their enormous charm and empathy. They show sensitivity in the relationship and it is precisely these qualities that attract those interested in this sign.

For them, love is sometimes a matter of experimentation and quick enthusiasm. Tiger must not be bored in a relationship. But if they find love, they are usually extremely happy with it and you can trust them fully.

Tiger Love Compatibility - Chinese Zodiac Love

The best relationship is created by the Chinese character Tiger with the sign of Horse. Chinese Zodiac Tiger and the Chinese sign of Dragon will also experience a good love life together. For the Tiger, the sign of the Pig is also a suitable partner, with who will fully understand him in several areas. It is a treasure for the Tiger sign to find friendship with the sign of Goat.

This friendship usually lasts a very long time and is so strong that nothing separates them. If Tiger and Goat are two women, their friendly bond usually lasts a very long time and Feng Shui Tiger could help them understand each other better. With the sign of Rabbit, Tiger can create a quite interesting working partnership. Since the two signs are significantly different, they can find every mistake on the things they are working on, and therefore their project becomes successful.

They may also start a business together, but they need to be prepared for slight differences of opinion, as both of these signs have different worldviews. With the Rooster and the Dog, the Tiger can be extremely enchanted, but their relationship usually doesn't grow into anything more serious than a friendship.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Tiger

Conversely, a connection with another Tiger or Snake is not appropriate for the Tiger sign. According to the Chinese zodiac, the most unsuitable partner for the Tiger sign is the sign of Monkey.

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How to attract Chinese Tiger sign?

Tiger is a dominant sign and he also shows this quality in love. It is a sign that he either trusts or not. You can meet a friendly and open Tiger, who will be the king of the bar, but on the other hand, you can meet a Tiger who will be quiet and tight because he does not like the company he is in.

Tiger tends to use his strength and talent to manage others in society as well. That's why some people like him but others don't. Tigers always play a dominant role in social relations. Tiger is someone you can usually meet in society. You will only make contact with him through an interesting and engaging conversation.

It would be ideal if you mentioned the travel experiences and adventures you experienced on the road. Later, when Tiger likes you, he will show you romance, tenderness and affection. It's worth to get to know a Chinese sign of Tiger.

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