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Chinese Zodiac Pig Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042 ...

Lucky Numbers for Pig are 4 and 9 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 94, 49.

Lucky Day for Pig is the seventh day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Feng Shui Pig are Green and Purple.

Lucky Month based on the Feng Shui Pig is June.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Blue.

Unlucky Numbers for Pig are 6 and 7. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 67.

Unlucky Month according to the Feng Shui Pig is May.

Detailed Traits of Pig zodiac sign

The Pig is a sign of genius associated with kindness to other people around them. This sign is characterized by the fact that at a young age it stands out significantly above its peers. He usually understands things more than any other sign of the Chinese zodiac. The Pig is a Chinese sign that can boast of enormous endurance. If the Pig finds its target, it follows it through any obstacles and problems.

Thanks to strong perseverance, he gets to his goal and usually manages problems without much effort or hassle. The Chinese horoscope attributes an important feature to a pig, and that is the ability to adapt quickly to the environment or to other people. Therefore, it has no problem to fit everywhere where it should create a good impression of the surroundings. Even though he needs to move for work or love, he quickly gets used to the local environment and the change gradually does not cause him any problems.

Simply put, the Chinese sign of the pig is positive, loyal to others and is extremely kind. His sincerity is above all his negative qualities. Their pleasant appearance often entices people to at least talk to him. The Pig attracts people to its side and makes good friends very quickly. In life, they are faithful people who are kind to the people they love. They treat people around them gently and honestly. However, some people may find their progress slow and feel that the Pig lacks the necessary vital energy.

It may be their shortage, but you will usually notice it in them only after a long time of getting to know their personality. Among the negative traits that almost all of these people have in common, horoscope numbers include their need to make fun of other people. Therefore, it is not good to be the target of disagreement with the sign of Pig.

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Work & Money of Pig Chinese sign

The Chinese sign of the Pig usually has a body that he takes care of from time to time. He is not the type of persistent athlete who will be interested in every sport. That's why his health is changing, like on a swing. The Pig is not always an energetic sign. He likes to relax and enjoys the well-being of the present moment. He can enjoy the whole evening watching TV in the arms of his beloved partner. Sometimes, the Pig can overlook its deteriorating health.

He is not the type of person to exaggerate something, quite the contrary. Therefore, he may neglect the more complicated negative symptoms of his health. But you should be careful about it because sometimes it gets him in big trouble. The sign of the Pig must not forget the preventive examinations and pay sufficient attention to the regular drinking regime. Every day you should find time to move in the fresh air. This sign must make sure that they go for a walk, to the garden, or just sit somewhere in the fresh air.

It perfectly cleanses his soul from fatigue and gives him a new freshness in life. With its unhealthy diet, the pig can work up to diabetes, heart failure, or high cholesterol. A balanced and regular diet is also very important for Pig. This Chinese sign should forget about eating one huge meal a day. He needs to develop moderation and regularity in eating, otherwise, he will be exposed to various health problems.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Pig

A pig is a type of person who is looking for a job that will be close to his interests and hobbies. Precisely because they have a good relationship with the people around them, the Chinese sign of Pig is looking for a job as a healthcare worker. They are even great veterinarians and breeders. They orient themselves wherever they can help not only humans but also other creatures on our planet.

The women born in this sign are great teachers and policewomen. They will also find employment in the field of art as painters or artists. The Pig sign will also find its well-being in the work of an architect and interior designer. Agricultural work is also excellent for this sign. They could plant their own crops or raise farm animals. Even if they made a living from it, they would become satisfied people.

The Pig wants to live simple and easy life so that it can find its inner happiness and application in everyday life. As the Pig is very responsible and honest, he is perfect for the role of a doctor. They feel best if they can help a person who no longer knows where to seek help. The Pig has a huge potential to become an excellent doctor. Occupations are not suitable for a Pig, where they would have to meet a large competing business. He will not be a very successful businessman or a real estate worker.

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Love life & Compatibility for Pig sign

The Chinese sign of Pig carries rich emotions inside but is not always willing to show them to others around him. Therefore, this sign may seem like a closed book to anyone who is not close enough to it. However, he will easily present his whole self to his loved ones, because he is sure that they will like it. If someone is not happy with his personality, it may affect him. For free Feng Shui Pig forecast for actual year, visit the annual prediction.

Chinese zodiac Pig doesn't like it when someone tries to change it. Pig is an optimistic sign that can provide its partner with the desired happiness. Sometimes Pig is extremely hypersensitive and their partners should be careful about that.

Pig Love Compatibility

The best connection for the sign of the Pig is love with the sign of the Tiger or Rabbit. He has common interests with these two signs and they will understand each other in other areas of life as well. A suitable partner with whom the Pig will be really close is the sign of the Goat. Pig is a popular sign that makes friends easily.

This sign does not have to worry either in relation to the Horse or the Dog. He will understand all these signs well. He achieves a great friendship with the sign of Dragon. For women in this Chinese sign, the best friend will be a woman born in the same sign - Pig. Rooster is a suitable working partner for the sign of Pig.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Pig

Unsuitable partners for the sign of Pig are people born in the sign of Snake. The monkey will also exhaust the Pig, and in the end, it would only be a relationship based on the calculation of one of the signs. The Monkey is also one of the signs that the Pig should avoid. However, real attention must be paid to the Chinese sign of Ox.

Pig has a really complicated and tumultuous relationship with Ox. Their interconnection could end ugly. First, they form a friendship, then love and finally a burning hatred.

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How to attract Chinese zodiac Pig?

In general, this sign is something between a friend and a life partner. If you want to get this sign and get to know it in-depth, you will have to be his friend first. A Pig doesn't just meet anyone. However, if you long for a romantic love relationship, he is the right one for you.

The Pig is a sign that will give you great happiness because that is exactly what it wants to feel in a relationship. They tend to communicate with their bad and negative feelings with the person and therefore become a truly lifelong partner. They can solve every problem subtly because they really appreciate the relationship.

You can only get the Pig with a sincere heart and by giving it real, sincere love. Once you win his heart, he will probably be faithful to you forever. However, you must give him complete satisfaction in the relationship. The Pig is an undemanding sign and therefore it should not be a hard nut to crack.

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