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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035 ...

Lucky Numbers for Rabbit are 4 and 3 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 43, 343, 334.

Lucky Day for Rabbit is twenty-sixth day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Feng Shui Rabbit are Purple, Pink and Red.

Lucky Month based on the Feng Shui Rabbit is August.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Dark brown.

Unlucky Numbers for Rabbit are 1 and 8. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 18.

Unlucky Month according to the Feng Shui Rabbit is June.

Detailed Traits of Rabbit zodiac sign

In general, the Chinese sign is very elegant. This person has everything well ironed, adjusted and is always perfectly adjusted. Rabbits are gentle creatures, but they are very careful in their actions. Their responsible behaviour does not allow them to make mistakes in their decisions.

They are so intelligent that they can learn from the mistakes of others, they do not have to learn on their own. However, to some people around them, their exalted nature may seem superior. They feel as if a Rabbit is exalted above them, which is not true. Chinese zodiac Rabbit acts the way he does because it is simply in his nature. The patience of the Chinese sign of Rabbit opens the way for him to various lucrative professions.

They are also great parents and can explain to the child everything that interests him with peace, balance and the necessary dose of intelligence. Despite these many good qualities, the Rabbit is sometimes really shallow and acts based on what his eye like. The man in this sign is a real gentleman and treats the woman gently and politely.

Chinese zodiac Rabbit has an irresistible and seductive smile. Women born under the sign of Rabbit have an extremely mysterious appearance that attracts men around them. Rabbits are faithful signs that are waiting for the right person with whom they will spend time together and with whom they will build their life success.

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Work & Money of Rabbit Chinese sign

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit is a sign that acts with the soul, but it can also use its fresh ideas and strong intelligence. The Rabbit is extremely hardworking and therefore can enjoy a rich and fulfilling career throughout his life.

Chinese zodiac Rabbit is gifted for artistic creation and women in the Chinese sign of Rabbit are extremely gifted seamstresses and cooks. They can also use their strengths in private life, where men are incredibly enthusiastic about their strengths, which are now rather an exception. For money, the knowledge of Feng Shui Rabbit could be helpful. Chinese zodiac Rabbit is also very dedicated to others.

The Chinese horoscope speaks of Rabbits as great teachers and health professionals. They are also great doctors because they can combine lust for education and a relationship with other people. These people also apply themselves in the field of human rights and are good lawyers and even politicians.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Rabbits are an overall sign that does not have many health-related problems in life. Although they may sometimes have a weakened immune system or a deteriorating state of health, the body usually simply copes with it. These diseases do not result in anything more complicated. Rabbits are related to sports and, according to the Chinese horoscope, they should devote as much time as possible to sports.

They will strengthen their health until old age. The Chinese horoscope alerts the sign of Rabbit also about eating fast food. They should also avoid heavy consumption of fruit, which they should use only as part of a varied diet, not as a substitute for every meal. Since the Rabbit is extremely hardworking, he should be careful not to forget about food and he should concentrate on it. Eating voraciously and eating fast could cause him unsightly health complications and, in old age, a problem with obesity.

For good mental health, it is recommended for Rabbit to be as balanced as possible when it comes to stress. He could thus try meditation and various spiritual exercises that will help him become more aware of his feelings, thoughts and worries. The Rabbit should avoid stress and tension at all costs, as this could have a negative effect on his mental health. They must also not forget about the drinking regime.

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Love life & Compatibility for Rabbit sign

The sign of the Rabbit understands many other signs of the Chinese sign. It is a popular sign that can easily find a partner, a friend but also the love of life. He may fall in love more than once in his life, but he is not the type to be unfaithful.

Rabbit Love Compatibility in Love

The Rabbit is a popular sign and forms a great relationship with, for example, the sign of Rat. The Chinese sign of Goat is also an ideal partner for the Rabbit because they have common interests and so they understand each other very well.

Chinese zodiac Rabbit can create a strong and high-quality relationship with the signs of Monkey, Dog and Pig. So he has a lot of options to choose the right partner from because he will get along well with everyone we mentioned in every area of ​​their relationship. Chinese Animal Rabbit complements the sign of the Tiger and the Dragon.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Horse is a great partner for him to work with or to create a project. It is also a good connection for starting a business and overall cooperation. They will form a strong friendship with the Ox and they will really understand each other perfectly.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Rabbit

On the contrary, the unsuitable partner for the Chinese sign is Snake and Rooster, with which he does not really go well.

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How to attract Chinese zodiac Rabbit?

If you are interested in the Chinese sign Rabbit, you don't have to worry. All you need to do is be natural and help them with something they can't handle. A rabbit is a social person who is interested in staying in the company of other people.

Therefore, he creates strong social ties. It often happens that Rabbit establishes a relationship with a man who was his friend. They are considerate of others and have a great sense of humour. If you make him laugh, you will surely enchant him. Understanding of Feng Shui Rabbit will help you catch more love as well.

Sign Rabbit can do incredible things by expressing himself and acting. He can suddenly make his enemies friends who will admire him. So try to cheer him up and be his friend. The Chinese horoscope claims that this is exactly how you get this exceptional sign of the Chinese animals.

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