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Chinese Zodiac Dog Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042 ...

Lucky Numbers for Dog are 4 and 9 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 94, 49.

Lucky Day for Dog is the seventh day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Feng Shui Dog are Green and Purple.

Lucky Month based on the Feng Shui Dog is June.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Blue.

Unlucky Numbers for Dog are 6 and 7. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 67.

Unlucky Month according to the Feng Shui Dog is May.

Detailed Traits of Dog zodiac sign

From the animal kingdom we know the Dog as the best friend of man. The Chinese horoscope assigns this trait to all people who were born in the sign of the Dog. He can understand human needs and requirements, and he is an obedient person who is rich in his heart. This animal is very positive and, according to the Chinese horoscope, literally symbolizes the birth of happiness. If a child is born in your family in the sign of the Dog, it usually means immense happiness and wealth for your whole family.

If Chinese Animal Dog comes to visit you, he will bring a little luck to your house and remove the power of evil spirits. The dog is, therefore, a very loyal creature, loved by everyone around him. He is an honest man who does not like fake and pretence. He does everything in his life so that he does not have to deceive or grieve anyone. He is a nice person that his friends consider to be the most important person in the whole group.

Chinese zodiac Animal Dog has its place in the Chinese horoscope on top of all signs in terms of fidelity and friendship. Their great advantage is their immense prudence, thanks to which they can avoid unpleasant situations in advance. Chinese sign of Dog is a great advisor and always offers his friends a helping hand or shoulder on which they can cry. For others, it sometimes gives the impression of stubbornness and boredom.

However, this person is not boring, he just has a slightly different sense of humour, compared to other signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Dog sign avoids anything that could hurt other people. In his life, he seeks peace and a family with which he would feel fulfilled. The sign of the Dog is therefore always ready to help a person who needs his help. Don't try to hurt this virtuous sign, it could hurt him immensely. Take him more as an excellent friend, not as someone who threatens you.

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Work & Money of Dog Chinese sign

A Dog is a loyal person, but he is also extremely brave. Precisely because of these characteristics, the Dog is determined to embark on a journey of helping other people in working life. He wants to choose the path of law or the administration of justice in uniform in the position of police officer or doctor.

Chinese zodiac Dog often sets its goal in life at a young age. Therefore, during his life, he takes the necessary steps to become a respected worker in his dream position at a young age. Among the Chinese sign of Dog, we find several successful doctors and among women nurses, who are popular with all patients. The Dog is also a sign who cares about the arrangement of things and wants to have everything in perfect order. It is no exception that you meet a dog man or woman who moves in the IT field or in the direction of programming.

They are usually very talented people with an enormous enthusiasm for work. They involve not only their brains but also their hearts and whole souls in fulfilling their own tasks. The Chinese sign of Dog is always ready to help his colleagues at work, which makes him an extremely popular person. Even in the field of science, we find people in this noble sign. Writing is not a problem for them, so there are many writers, journalists and bloggers among them. Follow your Feng Shui Rooster if you feel exhausted from work or you need more energy.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Dog

Chinese zodiac Dog enjoys quite good health. Especially mentally, if they find a partner with whom they get along, they feel good for life. The dog is a sign that enjoys his happiness to the fullest and therefore has a really strong mental health. It is resistant to diseases since they are engaged in sports activities.

They can suffer, especially in winter, from the flu, colds or sore throats. In old age, this sign suffers from back pain, which, however, can be overcome by increased movement and exercise. However, sometimes the Dog also has a period when he has a hard time enduring high work commitment and frequent social events in which he participates. He can be very exhausted from this.

A longer holiday or just a change of environment for a few days helps here. But most of all, he has to spend time with the people he cares about. The Dog is not a very ambitious sign and in life, his priority is not money. Rather, he prefers love and the search for harmony in life. That is why we should learn from this Chinese sign.

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Love life & Compatibility for Dog sign

As we have already written, the Dog is truly an adorable sign that is loved by almost all people who know him. A person born in the sign of the Dog prefers in life the pursuit of love and his inner happiness over any needs. Therefore, it is people in this sign that should watch out for broken hearts and try to find true love.

Chinese zodiac Dog is not the type of person who would flirt or go to clubs to have fun with the goal of a short romance. This gentle sign will thus give the love of his life true devotion, fidelity, generosity and understanding. With the good knowledge of Feng Shui Dog you can uderstand love better. Read your annual horoscope Rooster for personal Feng Shui Dog prediction for current period.

Dog Love Compatibility in Love

The best sign for Dog is the sign of Rabbit, which is a clear favourite in building a life together. The Rabbit will be real support for the Dog and the strongest compatible sign. They can build a harmonious relationship together that hardly be broken by anything. Since the Dog is a very friendly person, it creates friendly ties with many signs.

The Chinese sign of Tiger, Rat, Monkey and Pig are suitable for friendship. He understands all the signs and finds the perfect friend in them. He can form a working partnership with the Snake and the Horse because these signs will complement each other.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Dog

However, the relationship should be thrown out of your head with the sign of Dragon and Rooster. They will not find compatibility with these signs in any important area of ​​life, and they may both be dissatisfied in their relationship.

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How to attract Chinese zodiac Dog?

The Dog sign is a loyal sign that does not favour a quick and non-lasting relationship. They want to avoid problems at all costs and usually act by their good heart. If you want to get the Dog's attention, you need to become his friend first.

Once you become a close friend of his, the Dog will love you so much that you have the opportunity to suggest bridging this friendship into a relationship. So you will at least have time to get to know this beautiful sign and see if you will be really happy with it.

Accepting happiness is extremely important for the Chinese sign of Dog and they care to form a couple only with someone who makes them really happy. It is a conservative sign and therefore you should forget about flashy behavior or clothes that could only disgust the Dog.

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