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Chinese Zodiac Ox Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033 ...

Lucky Numbers for Ox are 4 and 2 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 14, 441, 41.

Lucky Day for Ox is thirteenth day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Ox Feng Shui is White and Green.

Lucky Month based on the Ox Feng Shui is July.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is Blue.

Unlucky Numbers for Ox are 5 and 6. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 65.

Unlucky Month according to the Ox Feng Shui is November.

Detailed Traits of Ox zodiac sign

According to the Chinese horoscope, women in the Chinese zodiac Ox are rather conservative types who take good care of their children. They are great, though sometimes little domineering, mothers. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Ox woman put great importance in educating children.

They try to teach children everything necessary and they also try to get them to the best schools. Since it is a patient sign, children are often able to learn well in the comfort of their own homes and can provide them with additional education if they feel that not enough is being paid to them at school. Women, but also men in the sign of the Ox, have immense patience and can move forward quickly. They are consistent and present themselves with great efforts to achieve their goals.

The biggest advantage of the sign of Ox is that they can never be influenced by anyone else on the path to their dreams. They act with their own head and usually progress thanks to their own beliefs. They are not too light or too emotional signs and so they look very balanced on the outside, which also attracts those interested in their love.

The sign of Ox doesn't like pretence and they live in such a way that they don't have to deceive anyone they care about in life. The sign of Ox is, therefore, a very strong sign and achieves a really enviable success in life. However, they must find a balance between work, relax and family. Their weakest point is communication because they are not as natural as other signs of the zodiac. The disadvantage is also their stubbornness, thanks to which they sometimes get into trouble.

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Work & Money of Ox Chinese sign

Ox is a sign that is known for its reliability, according to the Chinese horoscope. If you know an Ox, you can be sure that he will fulfil all the tasks he promised you. They often finish everything and don't leave their tasks unfinished. According to the Chinese horoscope, the most important thing for an Ox is not to forget to rest and to spend his free time on long walks and enjoying relaxation in nature.

If they find a suitable partner for this, Chinese zodiac Ox will become one of the most effective signs of the entire Chinese animal. The sign of the Ox is temperamental and diligent. They try to complete their tasks, they want to take care of their children as best as they can and they also take care of the household with love and consistency. It is a strong sign that can be proud of an honest nature.

They are willing to help those in need, or simply anyone who needs their help. As the sign of Ox is strongly patriotic, they can become soldiers, civil servants or lawyers. They use their strengths mainly at work, where they make rapid progress.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Ox

The Ox is a Chinese sign that has a strong physical as well as mental side. Their lives are usually really full. The Ox is one of the signs of the Chinese horoscope, which tries to fulfil their dreams and thus fulfil all their desires and commitments. They also have good health during their life and are often afflicted mainly by small and short-term diseases.

The Chinese horoscope speaks of the Chinese zodiac Ox as a hard-working sign, but it is characterized by its stubbornness. They usually devote a lot of their free time to work, so they may face exhaustion and stress. The Ox also sometimes forgets to eat due to work duties and can, therefore, suffer from stomach problems and intestinal problems. If Oxes want to be truly mentally and physically rested, they must find a balance between work, entertainment and private life, which is sometimes really difficult for them. Knowledge of Feng Shui Ox is very important for strong health as well.

They should eat sparingly, in a balanced way, and they should be careful about fast, greedy eating and fast food.

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Love life & Compatibility for Ox sign

From the point of view of the Chinese horoscope, we can look at love as a connection between two people who agreed on their attitudes to life. The Chinese horoscope seeks in the signs the greatest harmony and common communication interests, emotional attitudes, the belief in equal values, as well as a relationship with social life and children.

Ox Love Compatibility - Chinese Animal Love

The sign of Ox thus creates very strong connections with the signs of Rat and Monkey. The strongest bond and strong understanding will be felt by the sign of the Ox with the sign of the Rooster. Rooster is an ideal partner for the sign of Ox, who will understand it, and they also have many common hobbies that strengthen their relationship. The Ox may also feel sympathy for the Chinese Animal sign.

However, they are more of a friend who has been trusted for a lifetime. The best business connection that will be successful can be made between Chinese zodiac Ox and the Snake. The Snake will help the Ox overcome the initial problems in business and so with the Snake, the Ox creates a great duo in the field of work.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Ox

They probably won't get along with another Ox and the Chinese sign of Dog is also an unsuitable partner for them. The main problem for Ox could be falling in love with a man born in the Chinese sign of Pig. This sign may attract him, but in case of disagreement, they will become enemies. This connection is therefore not recommended at all for the Ox.

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How to attract Chinese Ox sign?

Oxes do not move much in society, because their communication skills are not the best. This puts them in a position of less socialization than the other signs of the Chinese Animal Ox. However, they are characterized by an interest in social sports and activities where they would meet other people.

Although they are mostly quieter companions, they are still interested in spending time with their friends. They rely heavily and faithfully on friendship and are willing to do much for their loved ones. Their friends are the ones who will help you get closer to this strong sign of the Chinese Animal Ox. Get in favour of their friends and the Ox will definitely notice you. If you present yourself as an honest person who is interested in a long-term relationship, the Chinese zodiac Ox will certainly show interest in you.

However, they do not like short-term flirtation or sex for one night. They avoid such experiences and they are even unpleasant for them. Rather, they have a cautious attitude toward those to whom they pass on their heart and love.

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