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Chinese Zodiac Horse Traits & Feng Shui

Years of Birth: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 a 2026, 2038 ...

Lucky Numbers for Horse are 7 and 2 and all combinations of these numbers, for example 72, 27.

Lucky Day for Horse is the fifth day of every month.

Lucky Colors, according to the Feng Shui Horse are Green and Yellow.

Lucky Month based on the Feng Shui Horse is August.

Unlucky Color, that they need to avoid is White.

Unlucky Numbers for Horse are 1 and 6. Also all double combinations of these numbers, for example 16.

Unlucky Month according to the Feng Shui Horse is September.

Detailed Traits of Horse zodiac sign

From the point of view of the Chinese zodiac, the Horse sign sometimes appears as a person who does not show interest in the problems of the people around him. However, it is just a misconception of others about this sign. The Horse, on the other hand, is a very caring sign. However, care only includes those they like.

However, if any of their friends have a problem, they are willing to advise and help them. The Horse is an extremely refined sign that has no problem with deceiving. That's why it may seem untrustworthy to someone. However, the Horse knows exactly what he is doing, on the way from his success and progress at work, or by improving his position in private life. A person born in the sign of the Horse is very active.

Chinese zodiac Horse has so much energy that almost nothing can stop him. The Horse loves the company of people and has no problem being the center of attention. According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, people born in the sign of the Horse are also popular with larger sporting events. You can find them at hockey matches, figure skating, but also as a tennis fan.

The Horse wants to be at every social event and will not miss the opportunity where they could meet with friends or even strangers. They like to make friends and are very easygoing. Their nature is something that makes them immensely popular in the team.

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Work & Money of Horse Chinese sign

The sign of the Horse is a sign with high intelligence. They have common sense and are able to solve any problem at work. That is why this sign is considered a great worker and is a secret dream of every employer. They have an open mind and therefore consult with people with good ideas.

Chinese zodiac Horse can react quickly and this puts them in the position of great analysts and even pilots. The sign Horse is eloquent and therefore it can also be used in the business area, where it easily gains the attention and recognition of clients. If they are fully dedicated to their talent, they will be able to create a highly prosperous business in life, which will be known to all the people around it. The sign of the Horse has a great memory.

The Horse has an extremely strong relationship with the stalking and therefore should move in this direction in life. At the beginning, other people with whom they have a close relationship can also help them in their business. Great actors or theater performers were also born under the sign of the Horse. The Horse has a sense for the pleasure of the spectator and therefore it can be used in any profession where it is the center of attention.

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Health Forecast for Chinese Zodiac Horse

According to the Chinese horoscope, and Feng Shui Horse the Horse is a sign that has an extremely positive attitude towards life. Therefore, their health does not bother them. It is a responsible sign that takes on more tasks than it can handle. That is why the sign of Horse is often under stress, which can ultimately weaken their immunity. They should therefore be wary of overworking.

Chinese sign Horse should also decide more often to visit his family. Horse should not put his family in second place, because he misses the beautiful moments he can spend with his loved ones. Another thing the Horse should avoid, according to the Chinese horoscope, is nightlife and night work. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Horse sign should give priority to going to bed earlier.

It will help him cope better with stress, he will relax more and he will be much more active in the morning than in the evening. In this way, he suffers from everything he needs without destroying his health under stress. The horse is a very energetic sign and uses its energy to be more in nature. This is what strengthens his health and therefore the Horse can maintain a healthy condition until old age.

The Chinese horoscope warns the sign of the Horse before fast and reckless eating. He does so just when he is under stress and puts a well-thought-out and balanced diet on the other side. Suitable for them are mainly fitness sports, during which they can relax well.

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Love life & Compatibility for Horse sign

Every sign of the Chinese zodiac has characteristics that are unique to it. The Chinese horoscope looks at love as the union of two souls who have found much in common. The Horse is a very ambitious sign and you should find a person to keep up with his pace. Fortunately, even this sign is highly compatible with other signs of the zodiac.

Horse Love Compatibility in Love

According to the Chinese horoscope, the best partner for the Horse is the Chinese sign of Goat. The Horse will also form a harmonious relationship with the Tiger, which is a really favourable choice for him. The pig will be an excellent business partner for the Chinese sign of Horse. They also understand each other as colleagues or collaborators on a mutual project.

The strongest friendship the Horse can make is with the sign of the Snake. The opposite of its nature can be found in the sign of the Rabbit or the Dragon. Sometimes opposites attract each other, but the Chinese Feng Shui Horse recommends a relationship with the signs with which the individual signs have much in common.

Unsuitable Chinese Signs for Horse

Unsuitable signs for them are the signs of Rat and the Ox. The Horse should also beware of the Chinese sign of the Rooster, with which it could create an ugly enmity.

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How to attract Chinese zodiac Horse?

The Horse is an immense social sign. You can, therefore, find this Chinese sign at various social events. If you enchant him with your natural sense of humour, he will surely notice and love you. If you really want to enchant this sign, give him tickets to the match of his favourite sports. He will be just excited about it.

Chinese Horse is known for its apt sense of humour and sometimes even genius in how to captivate its surroundings. It is extremely encouraging for him if you laugh at his jokes and give him a sense of importance. A Horse is a Chinese sign that can guess what you are about to say. He is a great observer, so he can observe and reveal your every emotion. Although the Horse is a really great liar, he doesn't like to be deceived by someone in his company.

Therefore, be careful not to beautify yourself or other things. He could notice it and lose any interest in you. The Horse also stays close to his friends whom he trusts. Charm them and get the attention of the Chinese sign of Horse.

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