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Relationship Aries + Aquarius

In the relationship between Aries and Aquarius, the first astrological house of personality is connected with the 11th astrological house of Aquarius - the house of friendship. There is an extraordinarily beautiful connection, where the energetic and courageous nature of Aries meets the friendly nature of Aquarius, who is sometimes carried away on the waves of desires and passion.

Aquariuses bring to this relationship an opportunity for Aries, to build a new worldview, and to pass on them some of their values. Aries, in turn, can teach Aquarius self-confidence, and bring Aquariuses understanding of their own selves, and the structure of their own integrity. Aries can literally teach Aquarius how to orient themselves in life, and Aquarius can bring sensitivity and subtlety to Aries.

They will understand each other in several areas of life together, but they must also prepare for the obstacles on which they will have to work together. In this connection of the energetic fiery Aries with the air sign Aquarius, this unique and special connection also brings specific relationship compatibility. Aries' dynamic behaviour will sometimes exhaust Aquarius.

The leadership nature of Aries will not always be to the Sagittarius' will. Sagittarius will thus try to tame the selfish behaviour of the Aries sign. Since Aquariuses are sharp people who say exactly what they think, and they will tend to educate Aries and teach them. But let's look at which areas Aquarius and Aries will best understand each other, and on which areas of their relationship they should work if they want to achieve high compatibility of love and relationship.

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Aries + Aquarius - Sexual and emotional Compatibility in Love

Their communication about emotions seems complicated. With their lack of patience, Aries encourage Aquarius to act quickly and sometimes to express their emotions more aggressively. Aries want Aquarius to get to know them quickly, so they might seem cold and distant to Aquarius.

On the other hand, Aquariuses have a big problem with expressing their emotions towards a person they do not fully trust. In their life, they require perfect patience and gradual steps in order to start trusting their partner fully. There is an extremely big problem in this area because the sign of Aries is a very impatient sign that wants to feel openness from the partner right in the first moments of their relationship.

Aries will begin to ask for expressions of emotion from Aquarius very quickly, and Aquariuses will need to open their heart and be completely honest and sincere with Aries. But they must get to know each other first. Aquariuses see things differently in a relationship and require the relationship to be gradual and slowly build love through friendship.

Aries does not need to be friends at first, because they are controlled by their passionate nature, for which they want things right here and right now. In the emotional area, therefore, relationship compatibility between Aquarius and Aries is a bit lower, which, however, is compensated by their above-average compatibility in the sexual and intimate areas.

On the one hand, the intimate connection between Aquarius and Aries can be really exciting. However, if Aries show their passionate nature, it can be very stressful for Aquarius. That is why Aries should take into account the airy nature of the sign of Aquarius, which requires the gradual building of a relationship.

Aries must be very patient on this issue if they do not want to stress their partner. At the beginning of the relationship, Aries should show a lot of understanding, and refrain from arduous actions, or exceed expectations, with rapid progress in intimate life. Later, however, the signs of Aries and Aquarius complement each other beautifully, because their energies will come together if Aries can find a little patience in themselves.

With the growing trust of Aquarius in Aries, there is a stronger need for an intimate connection. However, emotions may be lacking in this relationship, and therefore their intimate life will sometimes seem animalistic. Both the signs of the zodiac, the sign of Sagittarius and the sign of Aries, show an excess of masculine energy, which can ultimately lead to more aggressive and turbulent relationships.

On the other hand, they complement each other quite nicely in the intimate area, as Aries give their enormous endurance and enormous energy to this area. Aquariuses, on the other hand, owes it with fun ideas and broadening horizons in common intimate life. Especially at the beginning of the relationship, the couple Aquarius and Aries can expect an outburst of passion and a rather amusing sexual relationship in which they learn a lot from each other.

However, as the years of the relationship increase, intimate matters may get into the routine, and the energy gradually fades. Precisely because Aquarius and Aries do not complement each other in the emotional area, their intimate life will also require a lot of creativity to keep it in good shape. The emotional and sexual relationship compatibility between Aquarius and Aries thus together reaches a level below 60%.

Love Compatibility Aries and Aquarius in Sex and Emotions:


Love Match Aries and Aquarius - Common interests and communication

A high level of relationship compatibility in communication is indeed noticeable at the very beginning of their mutual relationship. Together they can find interesting topics that entertain them, so communication between them becomes not only engaging but also fun, love match unerlines. They can also spend hours talking when neither of them realizes that time is still running around them. Aries is relaxed in the relationship with Aquarius and has no problem bringing a bit of humour into the conversations.

Aquarius appreciates Aries’s sense of humour and often expresses it with loud laughter, which Aries really likes. The relationship between Aquarius and Aries is thus relentless in this area. These two signs, in a mutual relationship, but also in the case of friendship, never lose energy to listen to each other. The only drawback is that Aquarius tries to bring little lessons into the communication, which Aries may not like in all circumstances.

That is why relationship compatibility between Aquarius and Aries in the field of communication is not 100%, but it is still very high compatibility in love and friendship, talks love match. These signs of Aries and Aquarius can also be colleagues or collaborators. In every direction of life, they can share mutual thoughts, ideas, feelings ...

Aquarius is enchanted by Aries and Aries, on the contrary, is motivated and relaxed. Both signs avoid ridiculous conflicts that have no meaning to them. They prefer to get to know each other's souls during moments together, love compatibility specifies. They are also doing great thanks to very good mutual communication and mutual understanding in several important life directions, highlights love compatibility. They do not try to change each other, which is very welcome for Aries, because in life he encounters people finding things on him that he should change, says love match. Aquarius does not see anything like that in Aries and they are very happy together.

Aries thus feels at home in Aquarius' arms, no matter where they are ... However, their mutual opinions may differ, quite significantly. Therefore, their agreement in this area decreases a bit, because they may find differences in opinions on politics, religion, health, etc. ... lifestyle ... It is in these areas that they do not always have to agree with each other. Both Aries and Aquarius must be open to new ideas and helpfulness in their stubborn decisions and attitudes.

As for common interests, they reach 100% agreement, unerlines love match. They both spend their free time in a similar way. Aquarius is willing to follow Aries' suggestions on how to rest, and Aries is adaptable to Aquarius, predicts love compatiblity Aries Aquarius. Aquarius finds Aries's ideas for spending free time fun and Aries thinks it is relaxing. They have a huge chance for high compatibility in a direction that is extremely important for the healthy development and maintenance of a relationship.

Together they can spend time in activities that both of them enjoy and therefore they will feel very good in this relationship, but also in friendship. Relationship compatibility between Aries and Aquarius in the area of mutual joint activities and communication is very high.

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Love Compatibility Aquarius and Aries in communication and Common interests:


Aries & Aquarius Compatibility in Trust

In the area of trust, Aquarius and Aries do not face too complicated problems that they would not be able to solve in their relationship. Aries are characterized by their problem of trusting other people. They can also be the jealous and leading type of persons who want to have everything firmly in their hands, and they might even desire to control the life of their partner, adds their Love match.

They come to the fore with their decisions and expect their partner to fully adapt to them. This is exactly what Aquariuses may have a problem with at the beginning of the relationship. Aquariuses are too faithful sign of the zodiac, which damages the coldness and superficiality of Aries, who in this combination of signs and in this love compatibility maintains the view that the relationship should be open.

Since the sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, there is a very noticeable possession of Aries. If Aquarius is not careful, Aries can literally turn into a possessed partner in this relationship, watching Aquarius' every move. On the other hand, Aquarius fully trusts Aries, which in the end can greatly strengthen their compatibility in this regard, specifies Love Match. However, the positive thing about both signs is that they both follow the rules of sincerity in a relationship. They avoid lying and cheating because they understand how much they could hurt each other with falsehood.

They should give each other the freedom to express what they feel and need. However, it goes without saying that sometimes they will have to face mild conflicts. Misunderstandings will be caused by a lack of trust and jealousy on the part of Aries, adds love compatibility. Aquarius' role in this relationship is to reassure Aries of their sincerity and of the best intentions in the relationship. In this way, their relationship can work without unnecessary disappointment, pain and complications. The level of relationship compatibility in the area of trust thus reaches almost 80%.

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Love Match Aries and Aquarius in trust is:


Aries + Aquarius - Summary of Love compatibility

We will start by analyzing the most problematic part of this relationship. Aries and Aquarius must work on their emotions and expressing their feelings at all costs. If they do not want their relationship to fall apart over time, it is necessary for them to turn their attention mainly to the common interests that are driving them forward. Mutual sympathy and love are also strengthened by trust and communication, which is their powerful weapon.

However, the overall relationship compatibility of Aquarius and Aries is reduced by the fact that this pair often disagrees on value issues. At the beginning of the relationship, they will have to overcome a few obstacles and slowly learn to appreciate each other's values ​​and opinions. They must respect each other's worldviews, which they may not have encountered before.

Aries will have to prepare for the fact that Aquarius will want to teach him a lot, underlines their Love compatibility. Aquarius must invest his efforts in a perfect understanding of Aries' emotions, needs and requirements. The Aries nature is a bit possessive, and in this relationship, they will have to tame it a little, although the advantage is that Aquarius will quickly understand this aspect of the Aries nature.

Aries must not feel in the background in a relationship ... They need the full attention of Aquarius. Aquariuses, on the other hand, must feel free in their opinions and beliefs. If they follow these rules, they have the opportunity to strengthen their mutual understanding and love. Because Aries and Aquarius form a truly admirable couple in terms of communication and trust, it would be very beneficial for both of them if the relationship proceeded step by step, recommends Love compatibility Aries Aquarius.

If they both learn to respect and understand each other, they will have a long and beautiful relationship together, during which they will experience not only a lot of joy but also warm love, happiness, understanding and harmony.

Aries + Aquarius

Overall Love Compatibility Aquarius and Aries is:


Aries Love Compatibility with other zodiac signs:

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