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If your Life Path Number is 8, you were born a thoughtful person who longs for power and money. You have an extremely strong leadership nature and people follow you wherever you go. You can organize things perfectly, even if you sometimes postpone them to the last minute. Money is not very important to you, but you want to have enough security for your family. You long for a life balance. A person born with the destiny number 8 has a great life balance, especially with increasing age. He enjoys life and thinks in the present moment. It is seldom wondered whether the future can bring something negative. This is connected with the ability of people with Life Path Number 8 not to worry and to live in the moment.

These people are excellent in almost any profession they choose. However, they do not like cooking or anything that happens in the kitchen. Therefore, you will probably not find them among the chefs. If so, it's really very special. They know how to organize things well and usually have strong logical thinking. That is why people born with Life Path Number 8 are excellent IT workers, programmers and the like. They also like technical directions as well as physical work. Women apply anywhere, but we usually find them in leadership positions, as they quickly gain respect for their surroundings and are naturally intelligent.

Are you interested in Numerology? You can learn more about how Numerology has affected our lives since ancient times in the Basics of Numerology section. Learn how Life Path Number 8 and Numerology is important in people's lives and how powerful it is in our lives. Understand the numbers and know their meaning in your decisions.


People born with Life Path Number 8 are manipulators. They know well how much power they have over others and act in such a way that everything is only according to their own ideas. Sometimes they are impatient and if you speak slowly, it may happen that they complete sentences for you. They want to have everything now and at once. People with Life Path Number 8 are really impatient and often stay away from people because they can perceive others as less intelligent. Related to this is the fact that people sometimes look at them as exalted. On the other hand, they are willing to help everyone selflessly, so their exalted appearance is just a cover. They know how to learn well, but they can't wait patiently for success. They are also wasteful people who want the surroundings to have only a high opinion of them.

Numerology does not specify a fateful number only. Through numbers and date of birth, you can also understand the match and the many things that surround your life, not just your Life Path Number 8. Love Calculator may require some activity, but it will help you learn more about your love, your life, and compatibility with your chosen one.


People born with Life Path Number 8 should learn to overcome the negatives that limit them and use them to their advantage. If you have Life Path Number 8 in your destiny, you have to show your emotions to the outside instead of covering them up. You should really learn to work with your emotions. It will help you to do this alone for a while, every day. You may also be interested in meditation and yoga practice that will bring new dimensions to your life. You will be much happier and learn to process all your emotions.

You can also make a list of what emotions happiness evokes in you. How do you feel about how to achieve this? This way, write down information about each of your emotions and gradually learn how to manage those emotions. A person with the Life Path Number 8 will thus learn to control his interior perfectly and experience the sought-after feeling of satisfaction and balance in life. If you can control anger you will know exactly how great it feels to be in control of your inner self. Therefore, focus more on your mental well-being and do not forget to rest more and pay attention to health. Health problems are also one of the things that afflict people with Life Path Number 8 now and then. Healthy eating is therefore extremely important for them.

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