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June 2021

The mighty Moon and its influence this month will affect your lives and relationships. Under its influence, you will have the power to recognize your feelings and also to know the feelings of others you have hardly known before. The Moon will give you an intuition to help you make complicated decisions this month. Don't let anyone's emotions be disturbed, and in any case do not engage in unnecessary quarrels and riots with someone around you this month. A strong Moon can upset your balance and affect your mood. This month you will feel bipolar and moody. Do not let the feeling of sadness or negative thoughts interfere with your life. Remember, this is mostly about the influence of the Moon and try to focus more on the beautiful things that make you smile everyday.

Love: If you feel lonely for a long time, even if you're in a relationship, don't worry about this short period. Soon everything will change for the better. But it also requires your initiative and more interest in your partner. Singles should watch out for a relationship with someone who is married or partnered with someone else. Do not let yourself be drawn into the love triangle. Handling past family issues this month will help you grow personally. Avoid misunderstandings with your friends this month. Do not interfere very much in their decisions and in their lives.

Health: During this month you need to focus on healthy eating. Fast food will not hurt you, but not more than once or twice a month. You need to be more careful about your diet, because if you do not keep track of it, you may experience greater complications. Be aware that meat is not an essential part of everyday diet. Discover new eating choices, because the constant consumption of meat products puts a strain on your body. Try serving a vegetable day to yourself and your family from time to time and cook something new. This will help to improve your health but also health of every member of your family. They deserve it.

Work & Money: Under the influence of Mars, you will feel more at work and if this pace can withstand, you will be able to bid for some extra rewards. Get a glimpse of your work and try to bring some ideas for improvement. If you show what is in you at work, you can expect management's interest in you. Do not talk to your colleagues about considering new options in the work-life. They might consider you a traitor, and your boss might be aware of your intentions before you know them. Not every one of your colleagues acts honestly and as a team.

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Astrology Horoscope June 2021 Taurus