Astrology Horoscope December 2020 Pisces zodiac sign

Monthly Horoscope Pisces

December 2020

Under the influence of Mars, you will feel more power and more energy that you lacked in the past. This month will bring a new dose of energy for you. Take a break, but stay active. Avoid risky sports. You should do easier sports, but with regularity. It is better to practice less than intensively and of sudden. Your body could wear out. Mars also affects the militancy of singles, and this month will open the door to new experiences. If you have no partner and have long dreamed of a passionate outburst, your dream will turn into reality. The influence of Mars will also be felt by those in the relationship. In a long-standing relationship, you can talk to your partner openly about where your future is going. But don't be tempted by quarrels or disagreements. A partner may not respond to everything the way you wish. Find the understanding of their feelings.

Love: The past must stay behind you. This month you will have time to finally come to terms with your life, and especially in the middle of the month is a good time to purify your entire mind. Stop dreaming about what might have been different. The world is here and now and if you stay living in the past you will never taste happiness and freedom. Don’t neglect your partner and do your best. The past must stay behind you. If you are looking for a partner, do not engage in any thoughtless romance that could only hurt you. Remember to contact your parents or siblings more often. There's someone in your family who really enjoys your voice. In the first half of the month, one of your friends will need your advice. Advise them well and from the heart.

Health: This month you can expect a turbulent period. The beginning of the month will be full of conflicts and quarrels and therefore mainly your mental health can suffer. Focus on a sufficient relaxation and rest, especially if more than enough has been thrown at you. In the first half of the month you will suffer from viral illnesses and you can also catch an unpleasant flu. You will be able to get well very easily, maybe even in a few days. In the second half of the month, beware of complications caused by an injury. Do not underestimate your caution and beware of risky and daring actions.

Work & Money: If you have worked more in the past months than would be appropriate, it's time to sort documents and clean up. Even if you aren't a real fan of order, no one else will handle your mail for you. If you've been postponing a pending electronic mail for a long time, it's time to reply to these messages. It must not wait anymore. Avoid disputes with colleagues during this month. Let them solve their rupture without you. If they have a problem with you, don't worry, it's their problem, not yours.

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Astrology Horoscope December 2020 Pisces