Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Gemini zodiac sign

Monthly Horoscope Gemini

November 2020

Remember to express your feelings and moods this month. Do not be too secretive and let the surroundings know how you really feel. If you have a true friend, try to share your worries and troubles with them. They will be very helpful and happy to advise you in difficult times. As the time passes, you will look at things differently and worries that will bother you at the beginning of the month will go away at the end of the month and you will be able to breathe the fresh dose of success. Do things with pleasure and stop bothering others. Nothing is as tragic as it seems. Others have to deal with their own concerns. Now you have to focus on yourself, even if you are to be selfish. The mighty Moon will lead you to a track full of energy and knowledge.

Love: Venus will bring beauty and hope to your life this month. Rely more on yourself and try to discover the magic of independence. You will look to your partner as a powerful person who can do everything on their own. They will admire you and yearn for you even more. But don't forget to show them your love, otherwise they might become jealous. If you are without a partner, do not forget to pay more attention to your inner self. You need to know exactly what you want, because you will have an interesting date in the near future. Everything will be the same in your family. However, you may find some new information that you can use for your benefit. If you have a good friend that you haven't heard from for a long time, it's time to contact them again this month.

Health: This month you can look forward to harmony in health. You can expect a quiet period in health terms. Take more time with yourself and become selfish when it comes to your health. It is the highest time to stop taking care of everyone around you and to focus on your healthcare. If you have been dealing with an unpleasant problem that has been dragging with you from month to month, it is high time to pay for a quality expert. Check with your family or friends to find out where to find a real expert on your issue. It won't last long and your health will finally get much better. Also remember the important drinking routine and enjoy the great taste of fruits and vegetables.

Work & Money: Do not overwork yourself, because this pace and energy will come in handy in the coming months. Leave your ambitious ideas for now. Your boss will want to hear your opinion later. Now try to focus on small improvements at work that will bring you more comfort. You can try to design something that pleases colleagues. Avoid disputes with colleagues during this month. Let them solve their rupture without you. If they have a problem with you, don't worry, it's their problem, not yours.

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Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Gemini