Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Capricorn zodiac sign

Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

November 2020

Do not seek advices from your surroundings. This month, somebody will try to disrupt your energetic field and cut you off a great deal of energy. Enemies are all around you. However, you can fully trust your friends in friendships verified over the years. Be careful not to divulge to someone an important secret of someone else that only you know. This month you will easily make important contacts and therefore you can focus on grasping opportunities. Also, be sure to take part in sports regularly during the month, which will strengthen your psyche and help you get through the sleepless nights that could cause you various health problems. You also deserve weekends full of relaxation and comfort in the circle of loved ones.

Love: If you trust your partner with your affliction that has been persecuting you for a long time, they will support and understand you. Don't keep things to yourself. Your partner is there for you and you can lean on them. However, do not try to pull them into your problems, which you have to solve yourself this month. However, your partner may be happy to help. If you are without a partner this month, it is necessary to clean your inner self so that you will be more comfortable than in the next period. Take care of yourself. Your family will be extremely supportive. Be a little selfish and let them take care of you. Later they will need help from you too. Friendship is rare, so pamper yourself this month. Show friends you're here for them.

Health: If you have recently felt weakened, it is high time to start moving. You need a regular movement that allows you to relax more mentally. Consider what movement would be most appropriate for you, or pursue the sport you did when you were younger. It is essential to focus on improving your physical condition. During the sport you will have time to think and organize your thoughts. You can also discover the beauty of yoga and meditation. There's no need to see something beyond that. Nowadays, yoga is available everywhere and can really help you with your health problems.

Work & Money: If you have been bothered by more than one job in the past month, remember that you did a good job. This month you can enjoy more peace. Remember to relax more and forget about work problems more often. At work, beware of one of your colleagues who do not wish your success and envy you. It could happen that they want to undermine you.

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Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Capricorn