Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Cancer zodiac sign

Monthly Horoscope Cancer

November 2020

You may have to deal with unexpected changes this month. Don't be surprised by the delay of finishing some projects. You may not be pursuing the high energetic pace of someone near you. This month you should focus more on rest and relaxation. You need to recharge your batteries for the next few months because you will need them. Do not stay in a passive position and try to act more than think. Sometimes, indiscriminate behaviour can be beneficial and especially exciting.

Love: This month you will see a strange man you already know in a new perspective. This can change the tension in your love life with your current partner. This person can sweat your mind, but remember important life values. Do not be drawn into something that you will be very sorry for. If you live without a partner you can go to the company. Good make-up, hairstyle, nice clothes and self-confident behaviour will attract an interesting person into your life who will open your eyes in various areas of life. There will be minor disagreements in the family, and if you remain passive with your attitude, they will not drag you into any strife. This month it is better to stay away. Spend your free time with your friends. Try organizing a small party to invite only the closest circle of friends.

Health: This year you will discover new health perspectives and there will be no new ideas in this area. Get more interested in the cuisines and eating. Under the influence of a mighty Venus, you will feel a surge of creativity this month, and that will be reflected on your diet. You have been thinking about new things that you would bring into your life for a long time. These ideas, as far as cooking is concerned, will interest not only you but also your second half. From the health point of view, the discovery of new spheres will not only improve you physically, but will also greatly affect your psyche. Keep in mind the drinking regime and enough vegetable intake during this month. Also find out how you could replace the excess salt in your diet and get interested in spices or Himalayan salt. Try adding more vitamin C foods to your diet.

Work & Money: If you have ideas about where your professional life should move, try focusing on it. Nobody stands in your way to show everyone what is in you. If you feel that people around you don't want your success, you're probably right. You'll meet a new colleague at the business who can be helpful. Try to find out something more about this person and start a conversation if you have something in common.

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Astrology Horoscope November 2020 Cancer